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Hope Is Rising Through It All: Terrorism and the Internally Displaced

Since 2017, our home province in Northern Mozambique has been targeted by radical insurgents. As the violence and attacks have greatly escalated over the last four months, more than 210,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and are now internally displaced according to UN statistics.

The terrorists have destroyed businesses, farms, schools, and homes, wiping out thousands of people's communities and livelihoods.

The displaced are now seeking shelter in refugee camps or in the houses of family members in safer regions. Conditions are crowded and food and basic necessities are being stretched thin. Poverty is spreading and has been accelerated by the global pandemic.

Through it all, Jesus remains the living hope and answer to all the needs.
In response, we at Iris Global believe it’s the perfect time for us to be the light into these dark situations and are feeding the hungry spiritually and physically.

Love is an action and we are currently feeding close to 10,000 people a day, including the internally displaced, widows, the disabled and the most vulnerable and marginalized families within our communities.

We are seeing Jesus again and again bring hope as our amazing teams continue to distribute spiritual and physical food to these precious people.

Not only are we meeting the practical needs, but spiritually we are seeing hope rise as people are receiving New Testament and an audio solar Bible in their own dialect.

Thank you all so much, because of you, together we are able to be Jesus' hands and feet on the ground.

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