Supernatural Provision

Written by Kara Westermann

A few months ago, our ministry said yes to taking over a large feeding program in the mountains of Matagalpa. At the time we didn’t know how we were going to feed 100 more kids everyday. But we said yes anyways. An amazing Nicaraguan family lets us use their beautiful land for free to feed the kids. Former missionaries built an incredible kitchen on this land and they happily handed us everything that they spent years building. Other missionary friends of ours included us into their nationwide food distribution so we now receive free rice and soy meat every month. And if that wasn’t enough, my team in Matagalpa sends me pictures each month of piles of fruits and vegetables that local farmers give to us to cook for the kids. We may have said yes in faith but Jesus is the one who provides everything we need and more ? He is Jehovah-Jireh, the God who provides!