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Harvest School 35 Graduates in Nicaragua!

Written by Kara Westermann
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These last two months in Nicaragua have been a dream come true! We graduated the 35th class of Iris Harvest School and led outreaches from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast and to the mountains and back. We saw God move in so many radical ways through the students and the staff of the school. There were more testimonies than I can count! Below are two testimonies that I particularly loved during the school:
One of the students had two dreams where she saw the same man in both dreams. When we arrived to minister at the Verbo church one day, she saw the man who had been in her dreams! He was standing in the back of the church by the door. She invited him to the front for prayer. He had been coming to the church for awhile but had not made a decision to follow Jesus. When he came to the front, they prayed for him and he fell to the ground in an encounter with Jesus. When he got up he said he wanted to be born again! That same day, the guys took him through repentance and baptism and he was freed from demons, he prayed in tongues and he was put into the family of God.

During an outreach at the rock quarries, we prayed for a women named Tomas. She had a large, protruding growth in her stomach. She said it was cancer and she was in pain. After we prayed she said it felt a little smaller. We prayed again and she could no longer find the mass on her stomach and all her pain was gone!! She was searching everywhere for her cancer but she couldn’t find it! At the end she was standing on the side of the road proclaiming that Jesus was healer and that He loves her and sees her!

I don’t share these testimonies with you all so that you think our ministry is great or so that we are validated as being good stewards of financial blessings. I share them to provoke you. Each of us who calls themselves a believer or a Christian should be seeing these types of things in our lives. We are all called to share the Good News, heal the sick, cast out demons and help people to be born again. God has asked you personally to do these things. If you are not seeing things like this happen in your daily life and you would like to, please send me a message. I would love to help you and to connect you with people near you who are living a supernatural life with Jesus. Jesus is worthy!

I pray that 2022 would find each of you experiencing the eternal love and goodness of our King and Savior Jesus like never before. There is none worthy but Him and He is the answer to everything we need. When we behold Him, we become more like Him. Take your eyes off of the distractions of this world and keep your eyes and your heart fixated on the spotless Lamb of God. Bless you all!