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3 New Missionaries and a Missions School!

Written by Kara Westermann

Since I last updated you all, we have welcomed 3 new international missionaries onto our team! While the Iris Outreach Team was here serving with us on their missions trip in August, we met a girl named Sierra who was part of that team. Sierra was currently living in Guatemala as a missionary but during her missions trip, she felt the Lord asking her to come and serve Him in Nicaragua with us. Sierra and I went on a Holy Spirit led adventure around Guatemala and saw the Lord do some pretty amazing things. We had the privilege of sharing the gospel with a young man named Luis that chose to repent and be born again. Praise the Lord! With the help of local missionaries, we were able to get Luis settled into a Christian rehab center and off of the streets. We recently got word that Luis left the center so please be praying for him as he learns how to renew his mind in his new identity as a son of our Lord and Savior.
Our other new missionaries, Joey and Marcela, have been friends of ours for many years and have been back and forth from Nicaragua to the US many times. They have recently moved to Nicaragua permanently with their two young daughters and we are also excited to have them officially as part of our team. Praise the Lord for bringing more laborers to the field and for how He is growing this beautiful family with nationals and internationals!
Since my last update we have seen several more people born again and added to our family here in Nicaragua! The harvest truly is ripe and Jesus is our great prize and reward.

This month we had an incredible time meeting with all of the women from our various house churches in Managua. We spent 6 hours together worshipping, hearing powerful messages, answering vulnerable questions with each other, eating together, repenting and praying. This group of disciples are pretty amazing! It has blessed me so much to see them all growing and to get to grow alongside of them. God created us for family and getting to be apart of His growing family is one of the most precious and beautiful gifts.

As we speak, three of our disciples are in the nation of Bolivia helping friends of ours share the gospel and train their disciples in evangelism. They are seeing many miracles including a man who was HIV positive and couldn’t walk anymore be born again and healed! There are no words to describe our Lord and Savior! It is so beautiful to see our dream of sending Nicaraguans to the nations becoming a reality.

We are currently preparing to have the Iris Harvest School arrive in 3 weeks! What a gift and a joy it will be! Please pray for the staff, students and the school as we follow the Holy Spirit and see the Lord pour Himself out for His Nicaraguan bride. We are expectant and filled with great joy to have the opportunity to preach the gospel across this nation and to train others to do the same. We will have people from 12 different nations here with us in Nicaragua!

We love you all and we are so grateful for each of you reading this. May you deeply encounter the love and presence of Jesus and may you be compelled to give your life away for the glory of King Jesus.