Our Iris Nepal Kids Are Doing It!


As our Nepali children grow up, some have taken the step of faith to go into full-time missions. Here are two recent testimonies from two of our children who are now in their late teens:

  1. A Testimony of Jesus from the Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal 12th November, 2023.
    We regularly go to the largest temple in Kathmandu called Pashupati to share the love of Jesus to people who haven’t met Him yet. Last week, we went with a small team and divided up into groups. Our daughter Prasamsa (which means ‘praise’) and Tammy led one of the groups. Pashupati is the temple where Nepali Hindus burn their dead. It is an extremely dark place spiritually. Just outside the temple walls, there is a building that houses elderly people who have been abandoned by their families so they will no longer have to care for them and they’ll be near to the temple when they die. It’s super sad. On this particular day, Tammy and Prasamsa felt led to go inside the home for the abandoned elderly people to show them the love of Jesus and pray for them if possible. As you can imagine, the people inside are starving for love and are overwhelmed when they experience the real love of Jesus through His people. Prasamsa met a man who was in his sixties who had fallen off of a building in a construction accident and was dropped off at the home by his family because he was no longer any use to them. He had heard about Jesus before but was super lonely, sad, and had chronic pain from his accident. Prasamsa and her team prayed for him and he felt joy and a lot of his pain left. After they had shared more about Jesus, the man decided to repent and give his life to Jesus! Prasamsa gave him an audio Bible and explained how to use it. The team blessed him and left. A couple of hours later, the team returned to where the man was to find him playing his new Bible and four other elderly men were next to him listening also! We will follow up with this man and make sure he is getting discipled.

  2. A Testimony of Jesus from the village of Chitlang in the Himalyas-10th November, 2023.
    We were just recently in a small village in the Himalayan foothills called Chitlang. We had brought a small short-term team from Connecticut to do an outreach and love the people there. The first day, we split up into small teams of 3 people, each with a translator. Our Nepali son, Gabriel, was the translator for one of the teams. Gabriel’s team met a man whose wife had died years ago and he said that he was lonely. Gabriel and his team shared about Jesus and how He puts the lonely into families. The man allowed them to pray for him and he encountered the love of Jesus right there. Afterwards, he testified that he felt peace and love and that he wanted to believe in Jesus. After some further explanation, the man repented and was reconciled to God through faith in the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus! He was super happy! Gabriel then gave him an audio Bible (the man could not read) and explained how it worked. The man began listening and the team left. The next day, Gabriel returned to the man’s house and found the man listening intently to the Bible! Our pastor in Chitlang will follow-up with him and make sure he gets connected with the church. God is amazing!
    Love, Love, Love!
    Joel and Tammy DeBortoli