vision of heaven impacting Falino

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

during our church service in Mahajanga, Falino one of the boys who lives in our orphanage really encountered God. Falino was weeping as the Holy Spirit was touching him and showing him a vision of heaven.

Falino saw the golden streets in heaven and was overcome by Gods presence and could not keep to himself what God had shown him. Falino told us that he had to tell all the children who come to our village feeding program what God had shown him.

So a couple of days later Falino stood up in front of all the children who came to our village feeding program and told the children about the need to get their hearts right before God - so that they also would be able to walk with Jesus on the streets of gold in heaven.

Falino did an altar call and all the children gathered around him and Falino prayed for them all.