helping the poorest of the poor to get an education…

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

Little Soatinondro comes from a very poor family here in Mahajanga, Madagascar,

For many generations Soatinondro’s family have been illiterate because of poverty and children in this family have been forced to work, in a desperate attempt to survive.

In 2016 we stopped and spent time with this family and reached out with the beautiful love of Jesus and offered to cover all of the school fees so that Soatinondro could get an education.

We are so proud of Soatinondro who has just passed her national exam here in Madagascar and we will now be continuing to help pay for her education for the 7th school year.

The love of God never fails and just by stopping and helping families like this in such a simple but life changing way is what we love to do, investing in the poorest of the poor and watching over and over again children from the poorest families coming top of the class at the end of the school terms.

Our schooling program is such a joy and this year we are delighted to be paying school fees for 240 children to get a good education and really excited to see the wonderful plans that the Lord has for each of these precious children unfolding in the years to come.