following the promptings of God…

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

In 2021, the Lord really laid on my heart to start buying some small pieces of land in Mahajanga, Madagascar, so that we could build small houses to shelter widows, the poor and vulnerable families.

And so in January we bought our first piece of land which we have called ‘Tany Kanana’ which translates to ‘land of promise. The land of promise is big enough to build 8 small houses on and so within just a couple of weeks of buying the land of promise we build the first four houses too.

On Tuesday at the end of our village feeding program, two children who come to the program, came up to us and started weeping and telling us that they and their grandma were in danger and asked for help.

So we worked with the local authorities, who were happy for the grandma and her two grandchildren to take refuge in one of our houses, where they will never have to pay rent.

We were able to transport all of the families belongings on one push-push/trolley and take them to their new home.

This has been such a beautiful way to demonstrate the beautiful love of Jesus to this family who will never be able to pay us back….and such an encouragement to us to really step out and follow the promptings of God and watch the beautiful things He will do through our obedience.