a new daughter to raise for His glory

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace

just one week ago…..we welcomed precious Herillina into our orphanage in Mahajanga, Madagascar.

During Herillina’s first week with us, we have been replacing the rags Herillina carried in a plastic bag….with new clothes….

Herillina is so precious and I literally felt God fill my heart will His unfailing love for Herillina within minutes of meeting Herillina. The love of God in my heart could not be stronger even if she had been born from my own womb. Jesus love is so beautiful and we are so happy to welcome in a new daughter to raise for His glory.

During the week we heard that Herillina has just passed a very important national school exam here in Madagascar. We always buy cake to celebrate with all of our children and staff when a child passes a national exam.

When we told Herillina that we going to buy a cake to celebrate Herillina’s success, Herillina shouted with joy and said ‘I have never had a cake before’

The beautiful love of Jesus never fails and we look forward to seeing the beautiful journey Jesus has planned for Herillina unfold for His glory.