Our Children
We are currently renting two large houses as our children’s centre, which is registered to take 90 children. As of July 2013 we have over 70 children! They range from new-born babies to 18 years old and are so beautiful! We love them all so much and really know that these children are our Precious Treasures. I am a very rich Mama!! It is such a joy to see these little ones being transformed by LOVE as they come to us from the streets or from very abusive situations. It is incredible to see them starting to smile, and laugh and play. To see them transformed from sickness to health and from near-death to being so full of life!! It is a joy and a privilege for us to see their Heavenly Father heal them, love them to life and fill them with joy and peace.

Activities On Base
We have a pre-school and primary school on base for our kids, and have some lovely Malagasy teachers. We also have church on base with the children, and small groups.

We have a lunch time feeding programme where we currently feed around 200 children a day. These are children from really poor families around and they love to come and eat with us every day and enjoy a bible story whilst they eat.

We also have a “Community Kids” programme where we support families in our community who are in the most desperate situations by providing them with food and school fees and helping with medical bills. Alongside this we have a milk programme in which we distribute milk formula to help babies whose mothers aren’t able to produce enough milk for them.

On Friday afternoons a group of us visit a nearby rubbish dump and run a church service for the children who live there. We play games, pass out snacks, sing songs, and share God’s word with them. They are so hungry for Jesus and it’s such a privilege to spend time with them and demonstrate His love for them.