Hope for Machava

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Last night (October 24th), a severe storm left a trail of destruction in the Maputo region. At 7 pm we began to hear a strong and scary noise outside our house. The combination of strong winds (gusts of 120 km/h), heavy rain and hail caught us by surprise. Many windows were broken. Huge trees fell over our buildings, destroying homes, the school and affecting all electricity in the region.

Many families lost everything when the wind tore off the roof of their houses.
The community is in a state of calamity. Thank God we are well and none of our children were physically injured.

The material damage is very large. We urgently need to rebuild what was lost, especially the wall around our base, which did not withstand the force of the winds. About 500 meters of a wall, built for years with great sacrifice, came to the ground in less than 30 minutes.

The classes at our community school were suspended because the classrooms are completely destroyed. We feel the need to quickly finish the construction of the new school so that the 484 children do not lose the school year.

One of the rooms of the boys’ dorm was flooded. We had to move children to a safer place temporarily. The missionaries’ house was damaged as well and requires repairs.

Unfortunately we are vulnerable at the moment and we need all the help we can get as soon as possible. We know that together we can go further and we count on God’s grace to rebuild all that was lost.

We kindly ask for prayers in this time of need. For more information on how you can help, please contact us at: jessebraga@gmail.com

God bless you!!

Jesse Braga