Life touching moments…

Written by Annelisa Wilcox

A word from the base director/local pastor and his wife: The love and goodness of God is better than anything in this life. Our protector is God and He never sleeps. Our family has been through many battles and struggles. One of these battles we came up against was a family planning to harm us through witchcraft. God used the wife in the family to come and tell us that her husband had gone to see the witchdoctor to get a potion that would harm me, as pastor. When we heard this we didn’t fear but simply prayed to God and trusted that He would resolve the situation. We felt so good! And of course, God was giving us an opportunity to have more time with this particular family sharing the Word of God with them. So this is what we have been doing, spending very special moments together. When we read the book of Mark 4:34-41, we can see that Jesus has told his disciples to go to the other side of the lake. What we are learning is that God is a God of change. He can change the circumstances. He transforms lives and He is transforming the life of this family. It is our desire to see this transformation take place.

A testimony from the base administrator: I have my friends who need salvation and and there are times when I share the Word of God and His love with them. We sit together and I teach them, amongst other things, about building good character in their lives. One day something very special happened that was only possible because of our good God. These friends of mine decided to leave their jobs for the day so we could have a special time together (they do odd jobs, whatever they can find to do for that day to take something home to their families).We ate together, I shared the Word of God with them, I counseled them about life in general. It was a precious time and my desire is to see them living transformed lives.

A testimony from a member of our ministry team: God is good! One day when we were spending time evangelizing in the village of Assumane, God did a miracle in the life of a child there. For a long time now this child would cry and bite itself and the mother was very concerned, not knowing what to do. We were passing by on the same street where the child lived and when we saw the child we came over and asked the mother if we could pray for him. She said yes. So we placed our hands on the child’s head and cried out to God and declared healing in Jesus’ name. Then we encouraged the mother and said goodbye. The next day when we came back to visit, the mother came running as soon as she saw us. “Thank you, thank you! My child is well now and doesn’t bite himself when he cries!” We thank God for His healing in the life of this child.