Iris Europe Camp

Written by Dominika Mofele

Every year we host a European Iris camp gathering hungry hearts coming from all over Europe. This is the time for Europeans to be refreshed and revitalized so they can go back to their respective countries and become influential, living a missional lifestyle, returning with fire. This year in August we had another European camp, where we had Mama Heidi, Papa Mel Tari and Abel Carrico and his wife Nicole ministering to us among others. We had people of 21 nations present from Europe and all over the world. The glory of God was so intense! We baptized 13 people. We commissioned five people to go to the nations. It was a great time to experience being a family together. One of the greatest testimonies of this year’s camp was the family atmosphere and the great connections built among all those who came.

After every camp we send teams on outreaches. This year three teams went out to different locations. One was sent to Lviv, one to the frontline and one worked in Poland. The Lviv team ministered in a children centre, reaching out to families suffering from poverty and war. The frontline team served in hospitals, jails and among soldiers. The Krakow team stayed in Poland, preaching the gospel in the city center of Krakow, to a steady stream of tourists, coming from all over the world. They were privileged to hear the gospel. We saw many people coming to the Lord. One person got baptized during this time of outreach.