We have formed relationships with the community and leaders in the Hlalani geographical area that are based on mutual trust and honor. We even got to represent the community at the Municipality (local government). Close connections have also been formed to a local church in the city, where we often equip the body with regard to missions, loving the poor and evangelism.

Most of our activities take place in a small building that we were able to construct in the community. It is here that, Children’s church, Church services,Discipleship, Preschool, Feeding Program, Community meetings and small gatherings take place.

It is our goal to practically demonstrate and share Jesus with the community of Hlalani. We feed the hungry through our soup kitchen four times a week. We also provide the Pre-school children with breakfast, snack and lunch five times a week . We assist Primary school kids with their homework, especially teaching them how to read for understanding.  Further assistance is provided to those seeking jobs by helping with the application process and locating skills development programs in the city. In addition to that, we support the poorest families, as identified by the community, with food parcels and clothing. A lot of our time is spent with house visits for the families of the children that come to the Centre, where we pour out our love through discipleship  but also very practically by taking care of personal needs.