New Birth and Redemption

Written by Ema Eden

Christmas is such a special time, we get to focus on Jesus and again the realisation of Him choosing to humble himself in the form of a new baby to enter this world....

The Christmas season is filled with fun, laughter, joy and family.

This Christmas Jesus spoke to me about redemption. We often go to the mission field to live out Jesus' call on our lives, but what we often forget is that He has also purposed our sanctification. He is about our heart- He will use everything and anything if we let him to redeem us to look more like Him. So even though I came here to serve, so often I know that God uses everything we live to show us more of Himself and to make us more like Him.

Heidi Baker says "Love looks like something" which is a phrase Jesus has used through her to impact many people's lives

This Christmas, as I looked around at this family of precious kids, Jesus whispered to me "Redemption looks like something". It's true, it really does. These children, had it not been for God intervening in their lives, and some amazing lovers of Him saying "yes" to His plans and purposes, would have had a very different looking Christmas- had they even made it this far.

So when I see joy filled eyes looking around, showing adults the colouring books and pencils they received or their new shorts to swim in, I am so moved by what Jesus has done in their lives. The fact they are healthy, joy filled, Jesus loving children who know their identity of both being loved by God but also the family here on earth that God has given them makes me realise they really could look different. They could horde, fight, get jealous, have no confidence, be sad, hurt, victims but then you see what God has done. Redemption looks like something.........

It looks like these kids, it looks like this family. Where there is love, laughter, even in the hard times.... family.