The objective of Iris-Footprints is not to bring children into a children’s home, but to bring them into a family. Although a small base, intimacy and relationship is a daily lifestyle. Valuable and lasting friendships are formed which result in many people returning every year for “home visits”. An internship program is an exciting addition to a discipleship focused lifestyle, which is no respecter of age, culture nor gender.

Footprints Family Life

Each child at Footprints is unique and is encouraged to be an individual. Ages currently range from 6 months to 18 years. Pastor Yolanda, her two daughters and a dedicated team are responsible for both the base as well as all external ministries. Although possessing a PhD in Behavioral Phycology, it’s the passion for God that ignites Pastor Yolanda to live a lifestyle of dedication to nurturing and developing people, by encouraging them to reach their full potential with God, themselves and each other.

“Growing up as part of the Footprints family, was always fun, loving and life changing” says Kogetso. ”I was never discouraged, always felt accepted, had an incredibly happy childhood, met people from all over the world, some of whom I stay in touch with and grew up with Godly values and family morals.”

“Our Footprints family is full of joy, hope and love. We are never lonely because there is always something happening in this place, always an opportunity to be a blessing” are Lebo’s (14 yrs) jovial words.

“All of us in this Footprints family, love going out and praying for people, doing outreaches into the poor areas and being a part of seeing the love of Jesus change lives. We are involved in making a difference in the communities around us, even though we are still young. God uses everybody no matter what age, we are so blessed” says Mohau (13 yrs).