We believe that only Jesus can do what needs to be done here, so our focus is to radically seek Him with all our hearts. Our ministry has been established through prayer and intercession, preaching of the Gospel, and disciplining those who Daddy God is adding to our spiritual family. He promised us that our base would be an apostolic source that would launch young missionaries from our slum into the nations. So, part of our work here is to train and equip our youth to be sent out in the Spirit to serve God locally and globally, as radical lovers of Jesus who are manifesting His love and power wherever they go. Our local church plays a central role in our ministry as it has become a place where the residents are growing in the knowledge of God, are being filled with the Holy Spirit and learn how to keep the flame alive. The daily activities of our base include intercession in prayer room sessions, walking around in the slum visiting homes and praying and serving the residents in their needs, ministering in outdoor evangelistic services and the typical local church routines such as preaching, worship, bible study, children’s and youth ministry, discipleship, fellowship gatherings and more.