Freedom Calling

Written by Becs Chapman

Freedom Calling is a ministry of Iris Central Coast and Everyday Church. We exist to see the lives of those involved in the sex trade transformed by demonstrating the hope, love and power of Jesus and empowering individuals and communities to walk in physical, emotional, spiritual and financial freedom.

It is interesting how many things we drive by everyday… How many of these things we notice and how many go unseen…..At Freedom Calling, when we see the unseen doors; we enter them.

Many of the women we encounter live and work at the 20+ massage parlors in our local town. They have little or no access to the outside world and are isolated and marginalized. They are overlooked by most of society; used and abused for satisfaction.

Every week we take gifts, offering prayer, support and English lessons. Sometimes we stay for a few minutes, other times we stay longer, engaging in conversations, bible studies and times of worship and prayer.

Some highlights from the last few months include:
• One lady receiving complete healing from shoulder pain
• Providing 8 ladies with English/Chinese bibles
• 5 ladies receiving English lessons
• A time of worship at one parlor, in English and Chinese
• One lady joining us at church, and others expressing interest
• Being taught how to make Chinese dumplings in the massage parlor!
• Breakthrough at a parlor we couldn't get into for weeks. The door opened and we were able to give them Chinese Christian resources and release hope through prayer
• Building friendships and trust, with one lady sharing, “I’ve been praying for you to come. I’m lonely. I needed a friend”.

We are thankful for every person involved with Freedom Calling and give glory to God for all He has done!

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