Expectation & Celebration

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California is so ripe for the harvest! This land is pregnant with prophetic promises of another great wave of revival sweeping through these beautiful western coast lands. We have an expectation of another Jesus People movement! God comes where He is wanted, and we so want Him! He shows up to those who are looking for His appearance. We believe in the word of the Lord spoken over this house, region, state and nation.

As Luke 2 describes the waiting shepherds, we have shepherds here in our city that have been looking and longing for the coming of the Lord for a long time. Pastors watching over their flocks holding onto promises. Everything within them screaming that it’ll never happen, but they’re holding onto a slender thread of prophetic promise. There were shepherds in the fields watching over their flocks by night. Maybe they looked up to the stars and wondered about the promise of Abraham. “Your children will be like the stars in the sky and the sand on the sea shores, and from the seed of Abraham will come the one promised.” They’re just doing the stuff of life, but not everyday is everyday. Then in one moment… wooosh…. angels are singing in their shepherding meetings! Suddenly everyday is not everyday! The angels had been singing all along but they just never saw it. Catch the wonder that angels are here singing even if you aren't seeing them.

We are believing that there is a generation being prepared for the greatest harvest California has ever seen. We believe that thousands will be baptized on the shores of Pismo Beach! Believe with us! We have not yet seen the last wave!

Check out these awesome testimonies! Jesus, the simple good news of the gospel being released in the land! Hungry hearts encountering the love of the Father!

Treasures found through the beauty of team

While out on a treasure hunt our team was so encouraged to see how God brought all our clues together for His one beautiful treasure! We went downtown and as we were walking around, Lindsay suggested going into a certain shop because one of her clues was 'teddy bear' and there was a teddy bear in the window. Massey, the owner’s dog, came running up to greet us. The name ‘Massey' was also on Lindsay's treasure map! Tony started talking to our new friend with his sweet southern accent! He asked if there was anything we could pray for. She requested prayer for her son, Nicholas, who is a police officer. ‘Nicholas' was a clue on Tony’s treasure map! We prayed and she was so overjoyed to be a treasure chosen by Jesus. As we left she was smiling from ear to ear.

  • Sally


Boldness equals love encounter!

Heidi and I had such a great time going out to do our treasure hunt! She had the supermarket for a clue so we went to California Fresh Market. My clues were the name Charles and something about a baby. While we were praying and walking around the store, Heidi noticed one of the employees was wearing a name-tag that said Charles! She boldly went up to him and said, “Hey, we are on a treasure hunt for Jesus! Earlier we prayed and asked Jesus for clues to find his treasure and we got the name Charles. Do you have a baby?” He looked surprised and then told us he and his girlfriend were six months pregnant! He was so taken aback that God calls him a treasure! He welcomed prayer and blessings over his growing baby and all that this next season of life will hold. He told us that he and his girlfriend were going to a small group and were starting to learn more about God. He was so impacted he said he had goosebumps and wanted to end our encounter with a big hug!

  • Michelle & Heidi


A Treasure Found and Hope Released!

While praying and asking the Lord for clues to help me find His treasure, I was a bit overwhelmed by the weight of what I was feeling. I knew my treasure was a man and the Lord was allowing me to feel what he was feeling. I could feel the intensity of his self-hatred and how depressed he was. While at Wal-mart I stopped off to go to the bathroom and found my treasure while waiting in line - a man who was transgender and in the process of transitioning to be a woman. We started talking and I got to share my own personal gender confusion story. He asked how I got over it. I simply said it was Jesus. He asked how and I got to share the good news of Jesus’s saving and transforming power. We ended up exchanging numbers and he said he might like to come to church sometime! God is so good and knows just what treasure needs to be found!

  • Katie


Prophetic dream bringing healing in Wal-mart!

The night before outreach I had a dream that I walked up to a Walmart greeter to pray for them because they had a brace on their left leg. In my dream the greeter was a Christian and they let me pray for them and Jesus healed their leg. So, for outreach I decided to go to Walmart and I went up to a greeter named Betty. I asked if anything was wrong with her left leg. She said yes that her left knee was about to collapse. So I prayed for her knee and all the pain left and it was completely healed! Betty told me she was a believer and was really encouraged that young people were out and about spreading the good news of the Gospel. Thank you Jesus!

  • Annie


Salvation in the Massage Parlor with Freedom Calling

While going out to reconnect and bless local massage parlors with Freedom Calling, we were so excited to see one of the workers accept Jesus as his Lord and savior! The week prior we had gone to the massage parlor and after asking if they needed anything, they asked for bibles! We ordered some Mandarin bibles and brought them with us! Upon arrival we gave them their new bibles, and we met a new lady who was a christian. She had all the workers come out and asked us to share the gospel! After that one of the guys said he wanted this Jesus! We prayed with him and celebrated this new season of life! We have been going back every week to see how the bible reading is going. One of our amazing Iris Leader School students is translating a discipleship book into Mandarin so we can help him grow in his walk with the Lord!

  • Becs


Jesus heals! Even over the phone!

While on the men’s retreat we went on a prayer walk. When we got near the pier, one of the guys asked for prayer for physical healing. He had degenerative disks in his lower back and he also had a metal plate and screws in the upper part of his neck. We got to lay hands on him and pray for him because he was actually in a ton of pain just from walking down to the pier.

As we prayed for him, he moved his back a little bit and a lot of the pain had left, so we prayed a second time and he said that 100% of the pain had left! The rest of the weekend he was hiking around, and even doing things without his cane, he was completely healed and restored; his lower back didn’t hurt. He also had full mobility restored in the upper part of his neck.

His wife also has scoliosis and a lot of pain in her back and so we prayed really quickly. He said “I’m going to call her up and I bet she will be healed!” So he called his wife and she says “Right before you called all the pain left my back!” God healed her before he even called her!

  • Jeremy