A New School - A New Season

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Our 2016 - 2017 school year is well on its way. Classes officially started mid- September and we are so thrilled to have another amazing group of laid down lovers here to learn, grow, and be equipped to walk through life victoriously! We are thrilled to see so many states and nations represented in this year’s class! Students from eleven states and seven nations, all here to be filled up and sent back out! Flaming arrows carrying the good news of the gospel.

This year we have launched a new 12-week Ministry School track that overlaps and runs simultaneously with our 30-week Leadership School track. We are so excited about this new addition to our current school. We know God has sovereignly brought this group of people here for this season of life, and we are joyously expectant of all God is going to do in and through their time here.

Cool story about Freedom Calling, our ministry that exists to see the lives of those involved in the modern sex trade transformed by demonstrating the hope, love and power of Jesus. During our massage parlor outreaches we have encountered a lot of Mandarin speakers. As a result, we have been praying for Mandarin speakers to join our outreach teams. It is with great joy we get to share with you we now have four Mandarin speakers on our team! Three of them are students in the leadership school! Jesus is so amazing! Over the last couple months, we have distributed over 30 Mandarin bibles. Countless women have said they’ve been reading the bibles and they are receiving understanding! About five ladies have come to church with us and now we can provide translators. After offering prayer, testimonies have been flooding in of the women feeling peace, joy, and strength in their hearts! The girls have told us things like, “If we were in china, I’d invite you to my house to eat”.

We are so excited to see what God is doing through Freedom Calling ministries! We are so thrilled that our students speak Mandarin and are involved with our outreaches!

We have so enjoyed having some amazing guest speakers here to kick off the first month of classes! Papa Rolland Baker and Mel Tarri both came to speak! They both carry such an awesome and unique expression of God’s heart! Such a powerful time with the students and speakers!

We also had the great joy of hosting our dear friend and Everyday Church missionary Cody Archer. Cody was sent out from this base about 6 years ago. Cody, his wife, and their two daughters are walking in full time ministry over in the Middle East. It was so great to have him here with us for a short time. Cody brought a young worship leader with him and it was so beautiful worshiping Jesus with them!