There is a new breed of missionaries being released across the earth, transparent saints, with oversized hearts, beating in rhythm with the heart of their Bridegroom King Jesus, carrying His glory across the earth. Fearless, laid-down lovers that know a love that has no boundaries, and are ready to run into the darkest places of the earth and bring in the lost, the dying, the poor and the broken. Jesus came with ceaseless love for both the one and the masses. Now we must do the same: stop for the one, but believe for the multitudes.

There is a longing among a new generation of laid-down lovers to see radical new churches, bases, and ministries planted in the Western world. Iris Ministries has been called both to the poor and to the rich, to third-world, second-world, and first-world peoples. This includes a new move of God among His Western Bride. The Central Coast is a unique place located approximately halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the beautiful California Coast. The population of the Central Coast includes both the rich & the poor.

In 2003, Heidi Baker and Marc Dupont prayed for and prophesied over Mark Perry on the front porch of the Bakers’ home in Pemba, Mozambique. Marc prophesied a unique ‘kingdom resource center’ on the Central Coast, and Heidi prophesied a supernatural, divine connection between Iris Ministries and the Central Coast.

Iris Central Coast has emerged from Everyday Church, the first Iris Church in the US. Planted by Mark & Cheryl Perry in 2004, Everyday is a multi-site church, apostolic resource center and global missions base.

We love His Presence. We are committed to displaying God’s power and justice on behalf of the physically & spiritually poor. We value suffering, and in its face we pursue and experience radical, overflowing joy! We are deeply immersed in the Father’s heart, and we stop for the one, so we can bring orphans home to Papa God. We radically depend on Holy Spirit as we go lower still in humility and hunger. And we center completely on Jesus Christ and the simple gospel. Contact us if you are interested in serving as an intern or missionary with Iris Central Coast or applying for our Leaders’ School.