Team From Sheffield

Written by Iris Glastonbury team

We received another team that came from Sheffield to be with us for 3 days and during this period we did outreach in Glastonbury. Many people were impacted by the love of God and the worship. The presence of Jesus was so good in that moment in Glastonbury, that we don’t have any words to just say thank Jesus for the miracles and salvation we saw during these days with this wonderful team.

And then the next day we went up to a very high place here in Glastonbury called Glastonbury Tor. Many tourists come from different places to see and have supernatural experiences with dark magic. At the top of that place we had an incredible moment of worship and dancing with flags. When we were there worshipping a young man, approximately 25 years old, approached us and some people on the team spoke to him and prayed with him. Suddenly he began to receive inner healing and deliverance from demons and in the end he gave his life to Jesus. We believe there is something happening here in Glastonbury and in the UK. We believe it is time to see more and more salvations and miracles in this nation again. Please keep praying for us and for our team. God bless you from IRIS GLASTONBURY.