Starting a church in a town steeped in witchcraft.

Written by Elieudo & Daniella Lima Dos Santos

We have always been concerned about people we led to Jesus that they would have a spiritual home, people to disciple them and love them. In the last few years more than 50 people have given their lives to Jesus- Praise God. But the bible talks about discipleship too so this year we started a church in Glastonbury. It has been an interesting journey and we have had a number of people that give their lives to Jesus and then realize that Glastonbury is not a safe place to live and that all they had been involved in before was witchcraft, and all their friends they had were involved with did the same.

So we celebrate when people move out of Glastonbury and they mostly go back to where they are from. But they leave differently to how they arrived. They leave knowing God, they leave free.

They leave Glastonbury listening to a different voice, not the familiar voice of the father of lies that tells them they are rubbish and not good enough and will always be rejected but they are now listening to the voice of God, their loving father who is proud of them and who has an amazing plan for their life.