Solar Bibles and the gift of the Word of God

Written by Elena Maria

Many people in Mozambique do not have access to a Bible and many people, especially older mamas, not only do not know the national language Portuguese but have never been taught how to read.

Knowing and feeding on the Word of God is so important, and those who follow Jesus know this very well. Most locals hear the Word of God only once per week at a Sunday morning service or sometimes in other church meetings. On these occasions, what they are hearing is a teaching someone is presenting on a Bible passage. As I have been talking in our churches I have been encouraging the congregation to have meetings where they just simply read the Scriptures, no preaching, no teaching just read and meditate on the Word in its purest form.

Additionally, I have been encouraging those who do have Bibles, to go and visit the homes of those who can no longer make it to the church anymore due to health issues, or old age, and read to them.

In theory, all of this is really good, however, in reality, most of the time there are 1-4 Bibles in the church and not a lot of time to accomplish what needs to be done.

I often think, how can these mamas be set free if they don't know the truth, how can they learn to stand on the scriptures when they are tempted? How is it possible for them to do this when they don't know most of what is in the Word? And most importantly, how they can know more about Jesus if they do not have access to the Bible?

With the creation of Solar Audio Bibles, many of these questions can be answered. Solar Audio Bibles are a resource for many illiterate people living in poverty to be able to hear the word.

Unfortunately, I am not able to give a Solar Bible to every mama that asks due to a lack of resources. What I often do, when I go to visit them, is I take my only Solar Bible with me and we just listen to the Word of God. The Solar Bible has an SD card slot in it with the Bible in The native Dialect so the mamas can easily understand in their own language.

One time I gave 3 mamas a ride to their homes. I do not speak a lot of their dialect and they weren't speaking much Portuguese so I took advantage of our 30-minute drive and played the Bible in their dialect. I can not explain the joy I had when I saw them paying so much attention and saying an "Amen" and "Hallelujah" to what they were hearing.

Another beautiful testimony is that in one location we no longer have a physical church anymore, but we still care for our widows that were part of that church. The Lord put on my heart to give them one Solar Bible for them to be able to meet and listen to the Word, share with each other, and for those who are not able to come to the meetings, one of them goes to their house to share the Scriptures. What a beautiful group that meets together and listens to the word.
Of course, they did ask me if I had a Solar Bible to give to each one of them and with pain in my heart, I said no, I don't have one for each of you, but you can share. I always encourage them to pray for the Lord to reveal the Word to them and for the Lord to bring the Word to them!