Preparations for 2 Cities Gospel Campaigns have begun!!

Written by Tawnya Weaver

Gospel Campaign preparations are in full swing for 2024! We have had great success spreading the Gospel in the past two years through large campaign events. With over 20,000 documented decisions for Christ in the 2022-2023 events, our team expects more than 25,000 this year alone!

Our national campaign administrator and base director Eric have worked diligently to secure permission from government officials in the communities of Guro and Catandica and we have the green light to proceed!

This past week, local pastors in both communities joined and formed committees to organize the event and bring the gospel to the people. These Gospel campaigns bring so much unity to the local churches in the communities in which we have them. Each church that wishes to participate is trained to receive new converts after the event is finished, leaving them with the tools required to follow up, disciple, and plant new churches.

In July, we plan to do two events back-to-back. These events are packed full of miracles, deliverance and salvations! The power of God is so evident on the field as people encounter the transformative power of the Gospel!

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