A party without cake is just a meeting!!

Written by Katelynn Jenkins

After a generous donor provided our team with funds to microfinance small bakeries, we began to look for lucrative opportunities that would provide a sustainable business for some of our disciples. Having already provided two families nearby with bread ovens, we continued to pour into them by equipping the wives with the learning opportunity on how to bake cakes to expand their existing bread bakeries. These two, combined with two other women whom we provided small ovens for inside their home, have begun to learn how to make cakes.

While it seems simple, culture in Mozambique is changing. Where birthdays used to be a regular day and holidays only constituted of a nice meal, there is now beginning to emerge a cultural expectation of also having a cake at events. With this emergence of a niche market, we are equipping these four women with the opportunity to capitalize on this change.

We found a local cake baker nearby, and she has offered a cake baking & decorating class, teaching them how to procure local ingredients, bake cakes, and decorate them to the high standards clients expect.

Ana, one of the students, has already begun thinking of ways to advertise her new business, providing samples to people with a follow up for upcoming holidays to get the word out that she is available for orders. It's really beautiful to see these women step into their potential as powerful business women!