Witchcraft to Witness for Christ

Written by Carly Brown

Several months ago we felt led to share the gospel with a women who was working in brujería (Witchcraft). She would have clients come wanting to have more money, have someone love them or to harm someone and she would help them by performing any sort of witchcraft that is traditionally done for those things. When we first shared the gospel with her she was not very open and we didn’t really even know if she had ears to hear, because she didn’t even grasp much of what we shared.

She had been tormented by spirits at night and was not sleeping well. So, we prayed for her to have a measure of deliverance and that she would feel God’s peace. Often times when we share the gospel Holy Spirit moves and someone is healed or delivered and the Lord uses that to open up their heart to the gospel. This is what we see in the New Testament. We continued to pray for her and in the meantime her children and their dad started coming to our weekly meetings.

After a while we also presented the gospel to her guy and he felt conviction from the Lord to repent and be born again. After some time and many obstacles we were able to help him confess and repent of his sins, be born again in baptism and receive the Holy Spirit. He was totally different. Before he was a drunk and now he was full of love and following Jesus, not drinking. Shortly after, his wife, in awe of his transformation, started coming to our meetings. One day, a few weeks later we saw her on the street and she just hugged us and with tears in her eyes said it was her turn to be born again. It’s amazing how Holy Spirit works in a heart to bring conviction and truth.

A few weeks later we were able to help walk her through repentance, baptize her from death to life in Christ and pray for her to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Right away her clients came and instead of Witchcraft, she offered them prayer, the gospel, and Jesus. She has seen many of her clients healed, now by Jesus. We have been able to help her share the gospel with some of them and we are praying that Holy Spirit brings truth and conviction to them. It’s amazing how the Lord can transform a life completely.

It’s Him. He does all of the work and all we must do is obey. We are all called to share the gospel and make disciples. Who do you have in your life that needs to hear the gospel of repentance, death to life, and life in Jesus? Sometimes it can be as simple as sharing our own testimony and letting Holy Spirit do the rest. Its not our job to change people, we just get to obey and watch God do the rest.