The Bakery is Open

Written by Carly Brown

About two years into our prison ministry here in Bolivia we realized two things. One, that a huge help to our friends as they transitioned out of the prison would be to help provide work and a space to meet with them and encourage them in the lord. Two, that Bolivians love American cakes and desserts. Early on bringing in cakes and baked goods into the prison was a way to get to know people and show Jesus love in a very pratical way. This over the years made way for the idea of opening up a bakery and thus Pasteleria Arco Iris was formed. Not to provide for us, but to be soley about showing jesus love and provide jobs and discipleship when its needed. After several years planning, praying and dreaming last month we officially opened our bakery. It was an intense transition at first, especially for me our head baker as I was not used to putting in 40hr work weekends. God has been faithful and our team has grow and stepped up to the challenge. and we are learning alot about working together and the goodness of God in our new adventure. We have been able to meet alot of our neighbors and we have had a place to invite people into as well as hang out as a team together. Change and transition is hard, even when its good. We never go through it perfectly and there have been alot of beautful times of repenting and asking forgiveness along the way as we build this ministry-buisness together. Jesus is always with us, he promiced us that and its true. I have included some pictures of the bakery and our treats and menu so you can get an idea of what its like. Here in Bolivia a dollar is around 7bs so you can see that we have things priced so that even the humblest of families can enjoy a treat. We are also located close to the prison, in a simple and humble neighborhood and the bakery is part of our family center. We would love your prayers as we continue in this journey. We are entering into unfamiliar territory with this and it can be uncomfortable BUT thats where our faith grows and we rest in and rely on Jesus. We have already grown our client base and have been able to pay our employee from our earning's which is amazing in the first month. Everything is about Jesus and he is our constant focus. We are so excited for this new season and all it brings. May the lamb receive his reward.