Our Team

Written by Carly Brown

We are in our 7th year as an Iris ministry here in Santa Cruz Bolivia. We work among the poor, the forgotten and the broken, mostly in prison ministry but also in our neighborhood and beyond...and the Lord brings them into His family.

The Lord birthed a ministry of Family out of our broken and desperate family and He breathed life on it and made it grow.

Now what started as our family of 5 has grown to 4 families and 2 young adults. 18 of us live together in community with our lives layed down to Jesus, ministering as one body, one church. I felt like it was fitting to share our team and speak a little about pioneering and the shift from pioneering to being an established ministry.

When we started, our family of 5 had no idea what we were getting into. I (Carly) had just been saved out of 33 years of religion and I was radically set free and desperate for Jesus. We saw the adventure He was inviting us Into and we jumped in. We were so unqualified, but He called us, and He has taught us. We didn't know how to start or run a ministry but God showed us how. We fell and failed so many times and we were greatly humbled, but He was always there. We came to Bolivia with no language, no connections, little plan but to follow God's leading. Out of all of the beautiful mess HE created family, gave us purpose and direction and HE formed a ministry.

We are a ministry of family. The Lord has brought us, as part of our team, leaders that we have the honor of helping raise up and send out into the dark places to bring His love.

This is our team:

6 years ago the Lord brought the Peñas Into our lives. Boris, Paola and their three boys. They have not only become friends but are our family. They are strong Bolivian leaders with prophetic and pastoral gifting and are desperately in love with Jesus. At a point when we were just starting they jumped all in with us and have never looked back. We have learned and continue to learn so much from them. They love Jesus and have given everything for Him. Soon they will be sent out to plant a work in the countryside. They carry passion, fire, a hunger for God and have no fear. We are so excited for all God has for them. They are amazing leaders here at Iris Gran Familia.

The second family we work with are the Noroñas. Arceu and Jhajayra and their 2 children. They are so young but so determined in their love for Jesus. They minister with us in the prison and are humble and quick to learn. They carry evangelism gifts of faith and a prayer gift that we are so blessed by. We know we are helping to raise them and the Lord will send them out.

Alejandra and Cleo are 2 young women living with us and are a huge blessing to us. They desire to serve Jesus in whatever way they can and He is shaping and molding them.

Bryan and Jessica are our first missionaries from out of country. They have visited us a few times and now are serving with us full time. They walk in powerful gifts of faith, discernment, and prophetic words that are used in deliverance of even the most demonized of people.