Family Center for Missions Training

Written by Carly Brown

What began as a vision a little over 7 years ago as we laid in the dirt in Mozambique is coming to completion.....the Lord said to go and love the lost in the prison and the darkest places and be family. We are seeing that come to pass.

After 4 years in Bolivia during the height of the pandemic, the Lord miraculously made a way for us to build the first half of our base here in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Birthed out of walking our daughter through brain surgery to save her life, God provided for the calling He had given us to create a place for the broken to come to meet Jesus, encounter family, and be raised up in Him to be sent out to the nations. Now we have a growing community of disciples that live together and serve together in the streets, in the prison, visiting house to house, reaching orphans, addicts, sick, and the broken with Jesus and His Kingdom.

For the past two years we have been finalizing the purchase of the other half of our property and in January of this year we began building. We are excited to add transitional housing, discipleship training, visitor housing, as well as a space to have a ministry school in the future. We are excited and honored to be able to share with you all God has been and continues doing here on this land and also we ask you to partner with us.

We need your help....we need help with our building project to be able to finish it. We began building in faith, but we don't have funds at this time to complete the whole project. It's time to humble ourselves and ask for help.

We know God will provide for what He has called us to. We are seeing people who were once broken, lost in addiction, and dead in their sin be made alive in Christ. We are seeing God raise up leaders who are in love with Him and are running after the lost and broken. This year we are sending out our first team to plant a new community of disciples in a small town in the countryside. What an honor, what a privilege it is to follow Jesus. He is Worth it all.

So how can you help us?

Below is a video of our construction project. Please be praying for us and share this with anyone you feel. Thank you for your prayers and support. We trust God. He is stretching us and it's hard and good. Please reach out if you feel God asking you to partner with us to bring the truth of the gospel to the lost, hungry and broken here in Bolivia....and beyond.

May the lamb receive the reward for His suffering!!!!

The Browns
Iris Gran Familia
Bolivia ??