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White River Base

Three Miracle Healings of HIV!

29 May 2014–Last week I received the most amazing gift on my birthday. I was told that the newest princess to join us at Michael’s Children’s Village (MCV) (lets call her “Princess P”) tested HIV NEGATIVE!!! Gloriously, this is the third time God has wondrously healed HIV at MCV. So today I wanted to take a little walk back in time and reflect on each precious miracle. We begin with “Baby J”. The day he was born at a local gove…

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4 August 2017

Family Update July 2017

Written by Lauren Hassell, Abilene Base

Happy Summer from Abilene, Texas. We have had quite the summer already. We have hosted some incredible events at Camp Barkeley whether it’s worship nights, reunions, or new friends visiting with us. This month we have been filled with the Joy of Jesus, and refreshed by His unfathomable love as we enter into His …

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3 August 2017


Written by Kristen West, Central Mozambique Base

After almost a three-hour journey, we finally arrived at our spot for the day. We were welcomed by smiling faces and a boisterous song. Greetings were exchanged and names given as the doctors set up their area. For the first time in a very long time, if ever, medical treatment was available in the village. The peo…

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1 August 2017

Persistence Beats Resistance

Written by Rosalyne Field, Mocimboa da Praia Base

Our God is the God of open doors and making the impossible possible! We have a phrase in Christian circles: “Closed Nations”, or “Hard Ground”. I don’t think God uses those terms. He might use “Unreached”, signifying that none of His children has gone there yet to reach them with the Powerful Gospel…

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29 July 2017

I have a dream..

Written by Sia Tongu, Conakry: Village of Hope Base

On the steps of out school

In my last update I wrote about the number of children who were living on the streets around our base when we first arrived in Conakry. Over the years we have done our best to help get them off the streets, back living with family or friends, and then back into school. To date we have rescued upwards of 350 child…

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24 July 2017

‘no longer an orphan’

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace, Mahajanga, Madagascar Base

We are so delighted to have been able to welcome beautiful 18 month old Vannah into the home that we have been preparing for orphaned and abandoned children in Mahajanga, Madagascar this week. We know that Father God has incredible plans to prosper you Vannah and give you a future and a hope. We look forward to …

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11 July 2017

Rachel & Rebecca

Written by Jen Jewett, Cambodia Base

This past week our Phnom Penh team had a breakthrough which was no short of a miracle. Three of our staff went to visit a family we have known and have been working with for several years now. They live on the street with their two small girls, who we will call Rachel and Rebecca, in an area where drugs and abu…

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28 June 2017

When we arrived in Conakry

Written by Sia, Conakry: Village of Hope Base

When we arrived in Conakry we were appalled to see the large number of homeless children living on the streets trying to find a way to feed themselves and a safe place to sleep. Most were dirty, malnourished and abused, and many used drugs in an effort to try and escape the daily struggle they faced just to stay a…

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27 June 2017

Our numbers are growing!

Written by Antonio and Sandra Miambo, Mombasa Base

Dear friends, Greetings to you,we pray this finds you well. The Lord is good, we are doing well. We continue to thank God for His protection and His work in our lives. We also thank Him for the privilege of being part of the Body of Christ where we can come together from different cultures and speak different la…

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