Harvest School of Missions Phnom Penh

Iris Global Schools (PS1)

Applications open until Sep 1, 2024 or until school is full

PS1 Tuition

Cost: $700 (Tuition) + $300 (Registration Fee) USD
Due within 10 days of receiving your acceptance letter

Application Process

Step 1. Sign Up

Application and References. Acceptance letter sent by Iris.

Step 2. Payment Process
Step 2.1 Pay $300 Registration Fee

Due within 10 days of receiving your acceptance letter. Each applicant (excluding children 0-5) must pay the Registration Fee of $300. This is necessary to hold your place in the school. The Registration Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE if you should decide to withdraw.

Step 2.2 Pay remaining tuition fees by August 15, 2024

All tuition fees must be paid in full by August 15, 2024.

Cash Upon Arrival -
All fees for Accommodation, Visa, Phone Credit, Lunch & Transportation Fees will be paid in cash upon arrival. We ask that you bring new $50 and $100 dollar bills (preferably $100). This is currently anticipated to be approximately $1600 but will be confirmed closer to the school.

All Extended Outreach Fees for each adult will be paid in USD by October 1, 2024. We ask that you bring new $50 and $100 dollar bills (preferably $100). This is currently anticipated to be approximately $1000 but will be confirmed closer to the school.

October 1, 2024: The last day to change outreaches.

Step 2.3 Send us a Payment Notification EMAIL

Send us an email notifying us of your payment to tuition@irisglobal.org AND to school@irisphnompenh.org.

On the Subject Line write:

  1. [School session number] Tuition Payment (or Registration Fee) from [your name]
    eg: PS1 Tuition Payment from John Doe

In the Message Body include:

  1. Your full name
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Email address
  5. Payment For [School session number] - Registration Fee or Tuition.
  6. Include all details of how your payment was made (check, money order, credit card, wire transfer), any transaction numbers or special information, and the name of sending bank.

You will receive a receipt by email after the payment has cleared our bank. This normally takes several weeks. These steps will help us ensure that your funds arrive safely and are correctly matched up with your account. We will also be able to acknowledge their receipt.

Tuition payment receipts will be sent to students by email after the payments have been fully processed. This can take up to two weeks after the payments have been mailed or initiated. Therefore your patience is requested, and it is strongly recommended that you not wait until the last minute to pay if at all possible.


WITHDRAWALS BEFORE August 15th, 2024: If circumstances prohibit attending the school, tuition fees will be refunded LESS the amount of the registration fee AND any transaction fees related to the refund before August 15th, 2024.

WITHDRAWALS AFTER August 15th, 2024: We regret to inform you, we are unable to issue refunds after August 15th, 2024.

REFUNDS OF OPTIONAL EXTENDED OUTREACH FEES: If a student is not permitted or is not able to attend an outreach, a full refund of the outreach portion of the tuition fees will be made by one of the methods outlined below. We must be notified of the decision to not attend an outreach by October 1, 2024 in order for a student to receive a refund. If expenses have already been incurred on the student's behalf, then that portion of the outreach fee may not be refundable. The final determination will rest with the school administration.

REFUND AFTER SCHOOL STARTS (EARLY DEPARTURES): We regret to inform you that we cannot give refunds to any student who leaves early from the school for any reason.

REFUND METHODS: One of the following methods will be used to make refunds. Where possible, refunds will be made in the same manner that the payment was made, and if transaction fees are incurred for wire transfers, credit card refunds and other methods, those costs will be deducted from the refund amount. All refunds will be made in US Dollars.

Payments Made By Others on Behalf of Students
If someone other than the student is making a payment on their behalf, it is very important that they clearly state in the transaction and by email, who the student is and the session number and other personal details as outlined in the email notification instructions above. Only the student will be notified of the payment and the student will receive a payment receipt by email after the payment has been fully processed. This can take 1–2 weeks.

SUPPORT DONATIONS FOR TUITION PAYMENTS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE: At present, the Internal Revenue Service does not grant a tax deduction to donors or others who make direct or indirect tuition payments to the school.

Questions regarding payment of tuition should be sent by email to tuition@irisglobal.org..


All payments should be made in US Dollars. Payments made in other currencies may incur extra charges.

General Questions:

Tuition Questions:
school@irisphnompenh.org OR tuition@irisglobal.org

Check or Money Order

Mail checks and money orders (payable in US Dollars to IRIS Global) to:

Iris Global
PO Box 493995
Redding, CA 96049-3995

Note on the memo line that the payment is for [School Session - Registration Fee or Tuition].

Credit Card Payments
  • Click here to pay online
  • Follow the instructions and enter all who are attending.
  • Click add to cart and proceed to checkout.
Wire Transfer

US Dollar wire transfers may be made from almost any country in the world to the Iris Global USA bank account.

Please send an email to tuition@irisglobal.org requesting wire transfer information. We will send you the instructions by return email. For security reasons we cannot include wire transfer instructions here.

Wire Transfers require additional fees for the transaction.
1. INTERNATIONAL - Outside USA: Sending Bank Fee + $20
2. DOMESTIC - Inside USA: Sending Bank Fee + $10

Example: If your sending bank charges $30 for an outgoing wire transfer, then add $20 for a total of $50. Therefore if your payment is $1000, then your total wire transfer amount would be $1050.

1. DIRECT DEPOSITS to our Bank of America account are NOT acceptable, because there is no way to identify who made the deposit or what it is for.

2. CASH PAYMENT & CHECKS FOR TUITION HAND-CARRIED will NOT be accepted, as too many problems can arise. Tuition must be PAID IN FULL BEFORE a student leaves for the school. The only exception to this will be to settle small (less than $50) under-payments due to miscalculation of transaction fees and PRE-APPROVED exceptions for students coming from countries where other pre-payment methods are not possible. Extended Outreach payments will need to be brought to the school in US Dollars.

Under/Over Payments
Under-payments not exceeding $50 can be settled in cash on arrival. Over-payments should be avoided if possible.

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