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Iris Harvest School of Missions (HS41)

Applications open until Aug 15, 2024 or until school is full

Staff applicants should be an alumni of a previous Harvest School.

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Dear HS Staff Applicant,

On behalf of Rolland & Heidi Baker, we would like to thank you for your interest in applying for a staff position at Iris Harvest School. We are delighted that you are considering serving with us!

As Harvest School staff our mission is to help create an environment where students can encounter God, grow in community and discover the heart of missions! As a school, our heart is to partner with Iris in all that the Lord has called them to and to be a constant demonstration of His Love.

Harvest School Leadership is looking for individuals who feel called to a season of serving and pouring out on behalf of others - the missionaries, the students & the people in each location. Harvest School Staff must have a genuine heart for missions and a capacity to minister and lead with great love, humility and grace.

We are asking for Harvest School Staff that can commit to serve with us for two consecutive schools and also lead an outreach after each school.

Often HS Staff is surprised by how different their experience is from being a student! It can be a little overwhelming when you realize that your priorities, time and energy are no longer focused on your experience – but on the experience of those you have come to serve. Harvest School Staff positions require a high degree of responsibility and commitment and those accepted are expected to express an active interest and participation in all aspects of the school.

Like you, many wonderful Harvest School graduates are applying for a staff position. Because we only have limited spaces on the staff team, we have specific roles we need to fill. We know the Lord has the perfect staff team for each school – our commitment to you is to pray through your application and to communicate promptly with you regarding the status of your application.

If you are ready to go lower still and discover a new level of learning & serving, please read the following brief job description and complete the online staff application.

Please also feel free to contact Jessica Musika at JessicaM@irisglobal.org if you have any questions after reading through the application or about Harvest School Staff. If you are not selected for this school, you are free to apply for future schools, so please stay in touch.

We pray that the Lord would lead and guide your every step and provide you with His perfect peace, provision, and grace as you step into all that He has called you to, until the whole earth is filled with His Glory!

Blessings and Much Love,
Harvest School Leadership

Staff Job Description

  • Each staff person will be asked to lead an extended outreach at the end of the school. More information on the Outreach options will be sent to you upon acceptance in a separate email.
  • Color Group Leader: responsible for all Color Group activities, leading in-school outreaches, weekend outreaches, and preparing a missionary presentation with your team.
  • Live–in House Leader in each location and will be responsible to have one-on-one meetings with each student in your house.
  • Staff will fill out evaluations for each student in your house group, Color Group and outreach team.
  • Attend all Mission School classes, apart from scheduled time off or other school duties.
  • Staff will be responsible for leading book reviews.
  • Flexibility and adaptability with ever-changing times and scheduling of school hours, classes, and school activities.
  • Staff will be asked to lead several assigned areas of responsibility, so it is important that staff be self-motivated and ready to take full ownership of their assigned areas.
  • Punctuality.
  • Ready to be stretched in doing things you have never done before!
  • Will have at least one full day of complete REST per week.
  • Be prepared to work long hours and learn to rest well.
  • Staff is responsible for the funding and organization of your own personal plane tickets to and from each school location and for any in-school or extended outreach flights, and for any additional expenses.
  • Staff is provided with accommodation and food and is not required to pay tuition.
  • Model the life of a laid-down lover; stopping for the one and always demonstrating love and respect for the nationals and their culture.
  • Keep Burning! (When you’re Burning, it’s easy for others to catch on fire.)
  • Walking in relationship with other HS Staff members is vital to community life. We come from all over the world, to lead together as a team for only a short time, so it requires great humility, openness, grace, honor, respect, flexibility, and sacrificial love to lead together and therefore create a safe and secure environment for the students.
  • Determine to be a blessing to the Iris missionaries, national leaders, pastors, and all the children.
  • Be able to confront in a loving manner.
  • Staff will be asked to take initiative and help solve problems. Staff will often find themselves toggling between leading tasks and following directions at any given time . . . wearing many hats requires that we work as a team!
  • God often works deeply with the students during class time – so it’s important that staff be ready to pray, prophesy, minister to, and bless students (and even other staff) when ministry time is opened up by speakers.
  • As a member of staff, you are required to have a phone and working SIM card, and you are responsible for your own phone credit. Your phone needs to be a smartphone that can support WhatsApp, as this is the main way staff communicates. We also recommend bringing your computer, as you will be responsible to fill out student evaluations during the last part of the school.
  • We want to model Jesus and be ambassadors for the Kingdom therefore there is no consumption of alcohol or smoking permitted during your time as Harvest School Staff.
  • Staff is expected to hold up the standard and guidelines that we have established for the students. It is important for staff to also adhere to all the guidelines in the student manual.

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