Heidi's Schedule

October 25-28

Tuesday - Friday

VOA 2022 - Columbus, OH

SPEAKERS: Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Will Hart, Bill Johnson, Leif Hetland, Joanne Moody, Bishop Garlington, & more.

October 29-30

Saturday - Sunday

Heidi at Convergence Church - Dallas, Texas

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker

November 3-5

Thursday - Saturday

Fire Conference 2022 - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker & more!

December 16-17

Friday - Saturday

Jesus '22 Christ Crucified - Orlando, FL

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker and more!

December 18


Heidi Baker at Covenant Centre - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker

Video & Sermon Highlights

Revival in a war torn country | Awaken Podcast | Michael Lombardo, and Heidi Baker
August 5th, 2021

Michael Lombardo speaks with Heidi Baker about how she encountered Jesus supernaturally and received her call to the poorest and most broken parts of the world. In the past four years, hundreds of thousands of people in Northern Mozambique have been displaced because of radical terrorist groups and cyclones, but in the midst of all the darkness, the light of the gospel still shines.


Word for America | Heidi Baker
June 17th, 2020


Shabbat of KJMC | Jewish Worship | Testimonies | Sermon by Heidi Baker and Boris Grisenko
May 1st, 2020


Easter Special - Heidi Baker, Will Hart
April 12th, 2020


Good Friday Service - Heidi Baker, Will Hart
April 10th, 2020


Infusion of Hope - Jeremy Wagner, Heidi Baker, and more...
April 10th, 2020


Jesus, King over Corona - Palm Sunday with Wesley Campbell, Stacey Campbell, Asher Intrater, Ed Silvoso, Heidi Baker
April 5th, 2020


Hope to the Nations Online - Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, John Arnott, Georgian Banov, Che Ann
April 4th, 2020


The Great Gathering of The Church Online - Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, John Arnott ++
March 26th, 2020


Missions Pulse Podcast - Heidi Baker, David Joannes
April 20th, 2020


Training for the Harvest | Dr. Heidi Baker, Dr. Candice Smithyman
June 8th, 2020