Heidi's Schedule

August 30-31

Friday - Saturday

Transformation Conference - Torrance, CA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker, Stacey Campbell, Kelry Green and Paul Lauer.

September 4-7

Wednesday - Saturday

Light the Fire Again conference - Pensacola, FL

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker, Reinhard Bonnke, Claudio Freidzon and more.

September 5-7

Thursday - Saturday

Jesus Culture Conference - Sacramento, CA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker and more!

Host: Jesus Culture  

September 7


Heidi at Embrace Church - Oxnard, CA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker

September 8


The Collide 9 year anniversary - Fremont, CA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker

September 19-22

Thursday - Sunday

Agape '19 - Baltimore, MD

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker, Patricia Bootsma, Pastor Joseph Harris and more!

September 25


Heidi at The Prayer Furnace - Fredericksburg, VA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker

September 25-28

Wednesday - Saturday

Supernatural Life Conference - Harrisburg, PA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker, Patricia King, Michael Koulianos, Charles & Anne Stock, Georgian & Winnie Banov and more

September 26-28

Thursday - Saturday

Gospel Forum 2019 - Newark, NJ

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker, David Hogan, Eugene Bach

October 1-4

Tuesday - Friday

Voice of the Apostles 2019 - Lancaster, PA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker, Will Hart, Randy Clark, Leif Hetland and more

October 8-9

Tuesday - Wednesday

All Nations Convocation 2019 - Jerusalem, Israel

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker and more.

December 27-28

Friday - Saturday

Heidi at Blessed International Revival Center - Anaheim, CA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker

December 31- January 3, 2020

Tuesday - Friday

The Movement Conference - Fredericksburg, VA

SPEAKERS: Heidi Baker, Lou ENgle, Mike Bickle, Brian Brennt, Micheal Miller and more.