Relief Syrian Refugees in Jordan

View of children in refugee camp with tents Man and children trying to keep warm | Syrians in the rebel-controlled north struggle to keep warm Refugee Family Walking Boy tending fire in refugee camp
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Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Over 4 Million people have been effected by the violence in Syria, witnessing or experiencing terrible trauma. Act now to help those who have lost and suffered so much.


After nearly 2 years of violent public demonstration and protests in Syria, it’s effects have been devastating. There are over 1 million internationally displaced people, this number increasing daily.

As of the beginning March 2013, Jordan has received over 320,000 Syrian refugees, with the numbers expected to double or triple over the coming months. There are wide spread shortages of food, water, medical, hygiene and education resources. Jordan is under pressure and struggling to keep up with the demand of the ever increasing basic needs of those seeking refuge.

Refugees are arriving having witnessed or experienced personally severe trauma. One widower describes to Global Hope network how her husband of 40 years was taken whilst handing out bread to his community where food shortages were arising. His tortured dead body was dumped on her doorstep the following morning.

The heart of IRIS Relief is to enter into Jordan with the full confidence and expectation that wherever we place our feet, the gospel of peace will be evident. IRIS Relief will be bringing basic provisions and offer a place of listening, love and child-friendly spaces.

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Image: View of children in refugee camp with tents

Image: Refugee Family Walking

Image: Boy tending fire in refugee camp

Image: Man and children trying to keep warm
Syrians in the rebel-controlled north struggle to keep warm

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