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Episode 86 - Rabbi Jason Sobel

Rabbi Jason talks about his story from his roots in Judaism to meeting the Messiah and authoring a book, "The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi" with Kathie Lee Gifford. A truly incredible journey!!!! Learn more about Rabbi Jason Sobel at
Originally Released: Jul 13, 2018

Episode 85 - Josh Wood

Itinerant preacher and minister of the Gospel, Josh Wood shares his journey of faith, from complacent christianity, to an on-fire, passionate and radically obedient follower and lover of Jesus!
Originally Released: Jul 9, 2018

Episode 84 - Isaac Liu

Pastor Isaac Liu joins us in this episode and shares stories of his family and upbringing in the underground church in China. Learn more about All Nations Church in Eschborn Germany at
Originally Released: Jun 29, 2018

Episode 83 - Brother Yun, The Heavenly Man

Brother Yun, exiled Chinese house church leader and author of The Heavenly Man, joins is this week and shares on worshiping in spirit and in truth.
Originally Released: Jun 22, 2018

Episode 82 - Jason Lee and Regina Jones

Leaders of Godbreed and Iris Savannah, Regina and Jason Lee Jones join us this week and share on natural and spiritual adoption, understanding our identity in God, and getting God’s perspective on relationship. Jason has recently been diagnosed with throat cancer. Please join us in prayer for Jason, Regina and their family. For updates or to see how you can support them through this trial, visit
Originally Released: Jun 15, 2018

Episode 81 - Darren and Krista Moorman

Long time film producers Darren and Krista Moorman join us this week and share on the film "Same kind of different as me" and and bringing the peace and presence of God to the entertainment industry. Visit for more information.
Originally Released: Jun 11, 2018

Episode 80 - Catherine Restiau and Dee Walker

Harvest School graduates and missionaries Catherine Restieau and Dee Walker share on the call of God, the hardships and breakthroughs, and His leading into full-time missions at our White River Base in South Africa.
Originally Released: Jun 7, 2018

Episode 79 - Mel Tari

Author of Like a Mighty Wind and long time friend of Iris, Mel Tari, joins Crystalyn and Nathan and shares on commissioning students, being called to pursue the lost, and miraculous provision when following the call of God.
Originally Released: May 29, 2018

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