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Episode 74 - Ford Taylor

Ford Taylor is an acclaimed business man who took a small fledgling company and grew it to a 300 Million-Dollar operation. In this episode of IAH Fords shares his journey with powerful transparency of rising to success, falling, and how God resorts all things. Check out more on Ford, his program, and book at and
Originally Released: Apr 18, 2018

Episode 73 - Leif Hetland

LEIF HETLAND: "When you’re uncomfortable with love you are uncomfortable with God." We are so excited to have Leif Hetland, founder of Global Mission Awareness, on the show for the first time! Leif has traveled to over 90 nations with the message of the Fathers heart and has been able to speak in some of the most spiritually dark areas of the world. If you enjoyed this message check out Leif’s E-Course "Upgrade of Love" on his website
Originally Released: Apr 13, 2018

Episode 72 - The Inmans

Terry Inman has been pastoring since the 1970s, spending most of his career in the San Francisco Bay area. On this episode of Iris After Hours he joins Crystalyn with two of his seven sons, Tim and Sam. Listen in as this ministry family discusses legacy, love, and family life in the pulpit.
Originally Released: Mar 30, 2018

Episode 71 - Emelyn Hart

Emelyn Hart has been a full-time missionary in Mozambique for the past 12 years. Check out her story and hear how her two-year plan turned into twelve years and a life she couldn’t imagine any different.
Originally Released: Mar 26, 2018

Episode 70 - Martin Smith

Martin Smith is a world-renowned worship leader and song writer. Martin was lead singer of the Christian band Delirious? that revolutionized worship music. In this podcast Martin discusses starting Delirious?, family on the road, and his current project Army of Bones.
Originally Released: Mar 16, 2018

Episode 69 - Rolland Baker

Rolland Baker joins Crystalyn and Nathan and shares about his family history, his early life and being raised in China, and his path to becoming a full time missionary.
Originally Released: Mar 10, 2018

Episode 68 - Will Hart

In this episode Iris’ C.O.O. Will Hart shares on where Iris Global is at now and where Jesus is leading us as a ministry, movement and family.
Originally Released: Mar 2, 2018

Episode 67 - Andrew Fanstone and Bruno Teixeira

In this episode, host Nathan Kotzur is joined by two of our Iris missionaries, Andrew Fanstone and Bruno Teixeira, from our base in Fortaleza, Brazil. They share testimonies from the mission field in Brazil.
Originally Released: Feb 27, 2018

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