River of God, Brazil

Iris Global Schools (RG16)

22 days of practical and intensive training.

Applications open until Jun 30, 2024 or until school is full

Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date Jul 5–27, 2024
Cost US $1800 + $300 registration fee
Covers room and board, local transportation, a diet of Brazilian cuisine, and local outreaches.
The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and due within 10 days after receiving your acceptance letter.

A New Breed of Missionaries

There is a new breed of missionaries being released across the earth, transparent saints, with oversized hearts, beating in rhythm with the heart of their Bridegroom King Jesus, carrying His glory across the earth. Fearless, laid-down lovers that know a love that has no boundaries, and are ready to run into the darkest places of the earth and bring in the lost, the dying, the poor and the broken. Jesus came with ceaseless love for both the one and the masses. Now we must do the same: stop for the one, but believe for the multitudes.

We invite you to come and be equipped on the mission field of Brazil.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is known as the Marvelous City for its beautiful landscapes, mountains and beaches. But it is also a city where many of the poor are mixed among the population, living in slums that extend over the hills. You will have opportunities to serve and learn from the poor and from the rich, ministering in places of great need and great abundance. Participate in local outreaches. We invite you to come and be trained in the mission field of Brazil.

  • Be a part of a mission school where you will be taught and prepared for life in third world missions as well as missions in your own country.
  • Be trained by experienced and anointed Brazilians as well as internationally recognized ministers and missionaries.
  • Build relationships with the poor and needy while experiencing the Father​'s heart.​
  • Be practically equipped for the challenges faced in third-world nations.

You are invited to come!

With much love in Jesus,

Rolland & Heidi Baker

Attention Mission School Alumni: For Staff

If you have graduated from one of our mission schools in Pemba and are interested in applying for a staff position at Iris Global School Rio de Janeiro, please contact RioSchool@irisglobal.org.

We are delighted that you are considering serving with us in 2024 in Brazil! We will look forward to hearing from you.

Application Process:

Minimum age to apply: 18 years old. We don’t have arrangements to receive children

Step 1: Fill in the application online

Step 2: Iris Acceptance Letter
If you are accepted to the school, you will receive a Student manual and other pieces of information sent to your email. It is very important for all the students to read all the information and always check your email for any updates.

Step 3: Payment
A registration fee of $300 should be given 10 days after you get your acceptance letter. This is the registration fee and it is mandatory to guarantee your place in the school. This fee will not be reimbursed in case of cancellation.

Step 4: Complete the payment
The rest of the payment of US $1800 is due by June 30, 2024.

The payment for the school doesn’t include taxi, extra meals, personal spending or the cost of your round trip plane or bus ticket to Rio de Janeiro for the school.

Refund: If the student cannot participate to the school all the payments will be refunded, except for the $300 registration fee. If the student leaves prematurely there will be no refund at all.

Questions about registration or payments can be sent by email to RioSchool@irisglobal.org

Extended Outreach Options

Payment Instructions: Please bring your outreach payment directly to the outreach location. We ask that you bring cash for your outreach to Brazil instead of pre-paying on the website.

“After the school, when I came back to my nation, God started opening more doors and more love to work with the needy, with those that are socially forgotten. He started surrounding me with more people that have the same passion for God.”

— Rebeca Osorno, Nicaragua

“It was a time to learn and make friends for life. I had my first vision and healing happen during the outreaches. God really showed His love and I was very touched by all the teaching and the testimonies of the Iris Missionaries and pastors. I grew in God's Mercy and knowledge.”

— Fellipe Araújo, Brazil

“I had an incredible experience at Iris Conference in São Paulo that marked my live. I prayed for a woman with back problem and God not just healed her but she was also baptized with the Holy Spirit. It happened not because of me but for His purpose.”

— Maíra Ozório, Brazil

“The freedom I felt during the worship helped me so much to express myself in however the Spirit would put in my heart. I felt home here and we all know that there is nothing better than feel at home when you aren't actually at home.”

— Francesca Mayer, Mauritius

“In this school God made it very clear, very fast that I was to be sent to the nations, to love the ones that no one else wants to love. As this was revealed I realize that this was in fact my dream and my desire.”

— Emma Scott, Australia

“The Father confirmed and affirmed who He called me to be through mission school. I am called according to Isaiah 61..." to heal the broken hearted..." , but He had to heal my broken heart first. He indeed invaded my heart and healed...I am now more bold than ever to take the Kingdom for God.”

— Anne-Marie, Namibia

“Being part of the Iris Global school was life changing for me. Before the school, I had many thoughts about missions and being a missionary. However during the school I realized that it is to serve in love, respect and honor. I was transformed and learned to give with joy. I found out that is all about love, and that completely changed my life.”

— Rayssa Ramos, Brazil

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