Our Vision

Iris Harvest School is a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led, hands-on, in the dirt, evangelistic missions training school, like no other mission training school, set in the Village of Joy at the Arco-Iris base, Pemba, Mozambique. Our vision is for a school:

  • of radical and called out ones who have a clear call to missions, starting the adventure of their lives with other like-minded and like-hearted students.
  • that trains up, equips and sends out radical laid down lovers of Jesus who carry the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.
  • of students who carry the DNA of Iris Global and can articulate and live these core values out in any situation they face.
  • of students who daily experience the transforming love and power of God.
  • where the power of the Holy Spirit and resources of God’s Kingdom are released to reach every need both spiritual and physical.
  • of students who have learnt how to release God’s love in practical ways infused with His power.
  • of students who are learning how to bring the good news to the poor, look after the widows, heal the sick, bring freedom to the captives, who stop for the one and believe for the multitudes.

Our vision can be summed up in a few words: CALLED TO LOVE. It costs everything. It’s passion and compassion. Extravagant love that gives without expecting back. A laid down life. A love that looks like something practically. It’s a huge vision that is changing the world person by person and nation by nation.

Matthew 9:36-38: “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

School Life

The school of up to 300-350 people is a vibrant group of students from all around the world who know the cost to come and share their lives. Students come to be taught from outstanding Guest Speakers, Iris Missionaries and their Mozambican family in the context of a third world country.

Worship, prayer, sharing the word and living in his presence are as essential as the air you breathe, to living victoriously every day. Class starts at 8:00 and end anywhere after 1:00pm depending what God is up to. Heidi and Rolland teach key life passages each week often ending with a ministry time, waiting on God or simply being in the joy of his presence.

During the week, Cross Cultural classes and other activities are held with the Mozambican Bible students who are training at the same time. These students from local provinces come to Pemba for three months each year over several years to train to be pastors.

Students meet in smaller groups for outreach and other practical missions activities such as mercy ministry, visiting the hospital, local prison, and village outreach. Each weekend outreach teams of students prepare and go out into the bush bush to save the lost, pray for the sick and feed the hungry.

Students love on and interact with the Iris children, village kids and their families in various planned and informal ways.

Students can meet our local Iris Global missionaries serving on the Pemba base.

Student Life

As a student you will live in a small house with 8-12 housemates in the student compound. Learning to live and work together as a community in close quarters and as part of an international community is as important a part of the school experience as the classes. You will experience living in a different culture and you will learn much about others as you learn about yourself.

The student houses are basic but do have toilets, a sink, a refrigerator, a stove and three bedrooms. Unexpected interruptions to the power or water supply add to the challenges of living in close community.

Though class is the main focus of each day, there is still time plenty of time for: extending friendships, worshiping together, praying together, playing soccer, village shopping, taking an Iris child out for a snack, eating out, swimming in the beautiful Indian Ocean, relaxing, jogging, journaling or snorkeling.

Each student will be part of a house and have house leaders and staff to care for them pastorally.

Academic Overview

The academic instruction at Harvest School is both in class instruction and practical in nature. Students will apply what they are learning as they participate in practical mission work and live in their assigned house. For those seeking opportunities to minister the love of Christ there will be no shortage of opportunities, both great and small.

What you learn in the classroom will be varied across the course of the Harvest School term. One day missionaries may teach how to minister cross-culturally; an apostle in the faith may teach how to establish a kingdom culture wherever you may be; prophets may be teaching how to prophesy, followed by Spirit led worship.

Harvest School is so blessed to have amazing apostles, prophets, evangelists, missionaries and teachers come every year to teach, share their experiences and wisdom, testimonies and impart their gifts.

All students who meet Graduation requirements get to graduate at the end of the school and participate in an all day Holy Spirit party. Shaba!

Further Opportunities To Love

Following the school there are many opportunities to go on “extended outreaches” in Mozambique or internationally. Be sure to check what outreaches are available during the term you intend to apply to.

While you are in the Harvest School, you will have the opportunity to find out about long-term missions with Iris and meet leaders from the various Iris bases. You will also become familiar with the current open positions for long-term service. This is a good time to be intentional and sit down with Iris missionaries and staff to ask questions, get to know them, allow them to know you and to prayerfully consider long-term service with Iris.

Iris Leadership is happy to meet with graduating students to discuss the options for long-term positions with Iris.

Harvest School Pemba
Contact us at school@irisglobal.org

Applying for Harvest School

To begin the application process simply open a new Harvest School application by clicking sign up, choosing the school term you’d like to apply to.

If you are accepted to the school, you will receive an acceptance letter via email.

A non-refundable registration fee of $300 is required for each applicant that is accepted to the Harvest School. We can only hold your place in the school after we have received your registration fee. Please pay the fee within 10 days of you receiving your acceptance letter to secure your place in the school as space is limited.


The school tuition, including the $300 non-refundable registration fee, is $3,500 USD. Extended outreach fees will vary according to location.

Required Reading

A prerequisite for graduation from Harvest School is to read our list of required books about missions and Iris Global’s historical roots which will familiarize you with some of our core beliefs and ministry mindsets.

View the current reading list.

More Information

For more information on how to prepare for Harvest School, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Student Testimonies.