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Crisis Relief
Crisis Relief

Flooding, famine, fire and other natural and manmade disasters disproportionally affect the communities Iris serves. This fund allows us to respond quickly when crisis strikes. We are able to help restore hope and show the healing power of God’s love in the midst of hardship.

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Iris Base

Iris Missionary


Iris University Emblem
Iris University

Pemba, Mozambique & USA
We are underway for the development of Iris University in Pemba and are working on an opportunity to develop a mission university in the USA. Our passion is to see laid down lovers of God increase in knowledge, wisdom and intellect in the presence and power of God. They would then, full of the knowledge of the Lord, go into world missions and reach the starving and dying of the earth, rescue children out of the sex trade and preach the glorious gospel to the ends of the earth.

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Drill Truck and Crew Thumbnail
Drill a Well

Apprx. $7,500 to drill one well

Many villages in Mozambique do not have a clean water supply. Many are sick and dying as a result. A well provides a village access to clean drinking water for the very first time. These well drilling projects are an outward sign of a wonderful spiritual reality.
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Support Young Adults

“And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” (Luke 2:52) This program is for young adults who are ready to transition out of our Children’s Centers and into their own life. In order to give them the best start as independent adults, Iris provides a low-cost place to live, job training, access to university scholarships, and much more. Our heart to to see all of our young adults flourish and be successful!

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Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries shares the love of Jesus by helping people in our communities access necessities such as food, clothing, houses, and home repairs. Through Mercy Ministries, Iris comes alongside single mothers, widows, the elderly, and disabled when the circumstances of their lives prevent them from personally acquiring these necessities. We are compelled by the love of God to give joyfully to those with need: “As you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday” Isaiah 58:10.

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Support a Pastor’s Training

$210 for one year of Bible school

Equip pastors to spread the Gospel across Mozambique and beyond. We bring hundreds of pastors to each of our five Bible schools for three months a year for four years, running three sessions a year for different pastors. Then we offer a fifth-year Mozambican missions school for specially mature, called and anointed leaders. Learn More »

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New Iris Plane: The Kodiak
Mission Aviation

With mission aviation we are able to reach villages that our land vehicles could not. This plane is known for bringing the Presence of Jesus! Aviation-assisted ministry requires lots of resources, fuel, maintenance, insurance, taxes, fees and everything else that is involved with operations. Learn More »

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Iris Farms
Iris Farms

Iris has started many farms on many bases with the purpose of feeding the hungry. From citrus orchards to vegetables and grain, these farms are producing nutritional meals for the children on our bases, as well as food for our outreach projects. Not only does this supplement the bases’ operating costs, it also helps us to provide jobs for the locals. The diversity of our farms gives us the freedom to produce a variety of food and implement different projects. From our farm in Zimpeto, where we have a gardening school, to our farm in Mieze, whose Moringa trees’ produce leaves, flowers, and seeds that can be used for food or medicine, we can’t help but stand in awe of the goodness of God and His continuous provision for us.

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Pemba Health Center
Pemba Health Center

Construction on our new Pemba Health Center is complete and the doors are open! There people feel loved, respected and honored, receive excellent treatment, and often are healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Fine Arts
Iris Fine Arts

Paintings by Kathy Evans - The paintings are available to purchase. All proceeds support the ministries of Iris Global.

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