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Episode 58 - Carolyn Figlioli

Carolyn Figlioli joins host Nathan Kotzur sharing from the remarkable testimony of her life as an Iris missionary in South Sudan and on the plans, purposes and miracles of God.
Originally Released: Dec 11, 2017

Episode 57 - Peter and Debbie Wilcox

Long term missionaries Peter and Debbie Wilcox join host Nathan Kotzur and share their history and the testimony of Jesus in their lives.
Originally Released: Dec 4, 2017

Episode 56 - Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson joins host Nathan Kotzur and guest host Will Hart to discuss a variety of topics including family, legacy, history, joy in suffering and staying focused on the call of God.
Originally Released: Nov 18, 2017

Episode 55 - Claudio and Mirjam

Missionaries to an undisclosed location, Claudio and Mirjam share on Prophecy, patience and the call of God this week on Iris After Hours.
Originally Released: Nov 11, 2017

Episode 54 - Yolanda Steed-Zafi

The director of our Iris Footprints base in South Africa, Yolanda Steed-Zafi , joins us this week and shares from her decades of experience on the mission field!
Originally Released: Nov 6, 2017

Episode 53 - Pastor Jose Novella

Long time provincial pastor Jose Novell joins Nathan Kotzur and shares the amazing story of his salvation and the testimony of Jesus over his many years with Iris Global.
Originally Released: Oct 30, 2017

Episode 52 - Mark and Cheryl Perry

Mark and Cheryl Perry, leaders of Iris Central Coast and Every day church, join Nathan Kotzur in Pemba and share on the Kingdom, the church body, family, and being on the reality show Preacher’s Daughters. Visit for more information.
Originally Released: Oct 30, 2017

Episode 51 - Claude and Ruth Baraberewe

This week we are joined by Claude and Ruth Baraberewe, missionaries from the central African country of Burundi.
Originally Released: Oct 14, 2017

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