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Devastating floods leaves over 200,000 people displaced by torrential rain and flooding. Most of Northern Mozambique is without power. Broken highways make relief by land difficult. Act now to help send our IRIS plane into the most vulnerable areas with aid and relief.


January 25, 2015 — For over a week now, devastating floods caused by torrential rains have wrecked havoc in Southeast Africa (including Pemba). BBC news reported that some areas were deluged with a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours. Many lives were lost and over 200,000 people were displaced by floods. The Malawi authority started coordinating helicopter and boat relief efforts with local rescue non-profit organizations including our IRIS Malawi base. Mozambique’s national bridges and power infrastructure were washed away, leaving the northern third of the country without power and short of much needed supplies.

Our base in IRIS Malawi is coordinating great efforts by boat to reach those stranded by the floods and are providing food, supplies and relief, thanks to your support. IRIS Relief plans to send our IRIS plane in mid-February to join the relief efforts starting in Malawi and Mozambique. There are many unreachable places, even by boat, that still need relief and supplies.

There is severe flooding in Bangula, Malawi where our Iris base is located. David Morrison, base director, writes on January 14, 2015:

Flooding is at a scale here in Malawi that we have never experienced before. Yesterday morning, we received the news of entire villages being underwater and people stranded in trees and on top of ant hills. The District Commissioner asked Iris to help with rescuing people. Our two Iris boats were piloted by me and David Walker—another one of our missionaries. David had a marine police officer with him and I had one of our house fathers to help me navigate. We put the boats in just off the main road in downtown Bangula since that area was all flooded. The market area had water halfway up the buildings. Several villages in Bangula were underwater.

Thousands of homes washed away, as well as livestock and crops. We set out yesterday morning and it took a couple hours to navigate across the elephant marsh, with treacherous currents to the other side of the river, and floating debris. We managed to rescue about 75 people who were in trees or on top of ant hills with strong current and deep water surrounding them. We filled our boats and moved them to a higher piece of land within the village. They are still at risk because they are cut off from the rest of Malawi on islands, but they are alive. Our mission yesterday was simply to rescue as many as possible. We could not reach more before the end of the day and left hundreds still stranded, some in waist-high water. The District Commissioner wants us out there again tomorrow morning to continue. Many lives are being taken by the floods. What we saw today was frightening and it is still raining.

Please pray:

  • For all those affected by this flooding and the surrounding villages
  • For the safety of our IRIS Relief pilots as they bring the food and relief supplies needed this February
  • Pray for the current IRIS Malawi relief efforts at the base for more support and stamina
  • About how you can respond to this crisis

Photo Credits:
David Morrison, IRIS Malawi Base Director

1. Flood victims listening to the Gospel at the Bangula camp.
2. On board Iris Kodiak 100 over Bangula.
3. Remnants of the new highway (located below).
4. People at the Bangula camp responding to the message of the Gospel.
5. Kalina leading games with the children at the Bangula camp.
6. Flood victim receives maize flour from Iris Africa.
7. Below nothing remains of Alukweli and Manyowa Villages. Completely washed away by the floods.
8. The Bangula camp for flood victims from the air. Some sleep in tents, others on the concrete floor of the abandoned warehouses.
9. Life at Bangula camp on the ground.
This is the bridge over the Shire River near Bangula, Malawi (picture taken on February 27, 2015). The water has dropped 4 metres since January 12th but still flooding persists.
The flood right next door to our Bangula base…

1. Flood victims listening to the Gospel at the Bangula camp.


March 24, 2015 Written by Iris Madagascar — After surviving the first round of heavy rains, the flooding in Madagascar has been much more severe in recent weeks, and after many heavy rains the Government of Madagascar has declared and official State of Disaster and our city of Antananarivo in a State of Emergency. The rains have caused three major rivers which run through the the city to burst their banks at the end of February.

As a result, over 40,000 have been displaced in our Antananarivo alone in the past several days, and many have died- including several drownings right behind our base. Sewage is mixed with other water, flea infested rats are moving to new areas, and people are cold and wet. Meanwhile, many crops have been destroyed. Things like lettuce are becoming scarce and the price of rice, the staple food, went up 8% in just one week.

The poorest people of Madagascar, who create densely populated slums near the rivers and rice fields have been most severely effected. Many have been evacuated and moved to public schools used as shelters and even camps. Some are making their own shelters with tarps and other materials further up hills.

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1. Flood victims listening to the Gospel at the Bangula camp.

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The flood right next door to our Bangula base…

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