Relief About IRIS Relief

During the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Rolland and Heidi Baker saw the great need to quickly unite Iris missionary families, partners, friends, and missions school alumni to respond to victims of disasters. In response, the Bakers started Iris Relief to be an explicit demonstration of God’s tangible love and mercy.


Iris Relief exists to restore, equip, and mobilize disaster response missionaries on an ongoing basis so they can take the presence of the Kingdom and the spirit of revival (while bringing physical aid) to situations of crisis and disaster on a local, regional, and international scale.

Vision Statement

Iris Relief aims to demonstrate God’s love by giving out relief aid and resources as well as bringing personnel to carry the presence of God to affected areas. We pray as we meet people’s physical needs it will minister to their spiritual and emotional needs as well. We also hope to encourage the body of Christ and the churches in the disaster zones by working alongside them to bring hope, healing, and peace. The heart of Iris Relief is to love by bringing physical and spiritual relief to those affected by natural disasters. Our desire is to stop for the one and be Jesus’ hands and feet to the hurting and broken. We long to carry the Kingdom of Heaven to the places and the people that have experienced great tragedy and loss.



Ministry to the Missionaries ( Pre/ Post)

- Restore disaster response missionary candidates so they can minister the Father’s love in crisis situations from a foundation of health and wholeness.

- Welcome returning disaster response missionaries to minister healing, restoration, and refreshing to them as they prepare for the next stage of their journey with Christ.


- Equip disaster response missionaries through the Disaster Response Missions School, so they have the necessary skills and qualifications and the spiritual development and giftings in order to respond and minister effectively in disaster situations, both large and small.

- Offer ongoing refresher and additional disaster response and emergency management training through both on-site and online courses in a wide variety of subject matters.

- Multiply the vision of disaster response missions by training and qualifying missionaries as disaster response and emergency management leaders, instructors and managers on a local, regional, and international level.


- Maintain adequate, up-to-date records of available disaster response missionaries, their experiences, and skillsets and maintain compliance with applicable privacy legislation.

- Acquire and maintain appropriate equipment and supplies to ensure efficient, safe, and timely deployments to disaster situations.

- Establish an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in order to:

  • Undertake ongoing threat assessment of potential disaster situations on a local, regional, and international basis;
  • Monitor specific threats to Iris locations or missionaries around the world;
  • Coordinate the deployment and ongoing operation of Iris Relief teams throughout all stages of their mobilization;
  • Cooperate with local or regional Emergency Management authorities as appropriate.

- Deploy Iris Relief disaster response teams on a local, regional, or international scale, in accordance with Iris Relief deployment protocols.

- Debrief returning disaster response teams – process and immerse in a Presence-filled atmosphere to allow the Holy Spirit to heal their hearts from their experiences: inward, upward, and outward journey.

- Provide disaster response capability to local emergency management authorities in the Abilene region.