Education and Literacy

Many of the areas that we serve in do not have a strong education system, so we start schools to help people of all ages learn to read and write. Education is a precious way to invest in people, strengthen the community and share the love of God.

Primary School

We are thrilled to offer free schooling to many children in villages. Our primary schools are ranked the top schools in Mozambique by the government. Often teachers in public schools will demand bribes or abuse children, so we are thankful for the opportunity to teach them in a loving environment. The reason for our success is no secret; we introduce our students to the best Teacher, Holy Spirit (Jn. 14:26), and we help them grow in all ways: spiritually, emotionally and mentally. It is such a joy to be able see God move on the children, watch them mature and excel in their talents. Our schools have been such a success that we desire to build a secondary school and university in Pemba and are trusting God to provide all the resources for these.

New intensive education program at our Iris Pemba Primary school

It’s always a thrill to see young school children coming in from the villages early each morning, hungry to learn at our school. We want to build a strong, clear foundation — mentally, emotionally and spiritually — in each of their lives.

So last year, 2011 we began an intensive learning program with all our Grade 2 children — 280 of them — using a beautiful newly-produced Portuguese language workbook. We focus on literacy, numeracy, Bible stories and memory verses all from the foundation of Father’s love for each child.

Best of all, we’re team teaching — a new idea for our teachers — involving some of our youth helping in our large classes (some of our classes have 80 students). We teach in both the national language (Portuguese) and mother tongue (Makhua). Every day we hug and shake hands with all our precious children, and they respond and greet us wherever they see us.

This year, 2012, we continue with our last year’s Grade 2 class as they graduate into Grade 3. In the future, we want to begin this special program with our Grade 1 class. This will mean more children’s workbooks, pencils, and paper, a storage room, more youth helpers and another missionary with some teaching experience.

If you would like to partner with us in this vibrant new venture, please email with Pemba Alphabet Project as the subject.

Children’s Ministry Manual and Lessons
For Oral Cultures in Third World Countries
By Lorena Wood

The following lessons are designed to help teach the Bibles stories listed to a simple oral culture. This manual will give you a suggested format for a simple children’s program suitable for any oral culture. It is designed to be fun and effective without any supplies other than what can be found in the “bush.” Be open to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead you.