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White River Base

Three Miracle Healings of HIV!

29 May 2014–Last week I received the most amazing gift on my birthday. I was told that the newest princess to join us at Michael’s Children’s Village (MCV) (lets call her “Princess P”) tested HIV NEGATIVE!!! Gloriously, this is the third time God has wondrously healed HIV at MCV. So today I wanted to take a little walk back in time and reflect on each precious miracle. We begin with “Baby J”. The day he was born at a local gove…

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7 February 2018


Written by Chimoio Base

“You can call me MIKAELA DOMINGO JOAO. I am 14 years old. I thank God for looking after me throughout the year of 2017. I completed my 7th grade, and let me tell you something that I never imagined would happen to me: I managed to do so well in my grades at school that I was promoted to the 8th grade wit…

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4 January 2018

A year end filled with miracles!

Written by Sia Tongu, Conakry: Village of Hope Base

Speaking to the leaders of a vllage

We would like to wish our families, friends and partners a happy 2018 and pray you will be in good health and prosper in all that God has called you to do. November and December, 2017 was an awesome time for us here at Iris Global in Guinea and God has been faithful in leading us in all that we do. The weather i…

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31 December 2017

Great fellowship

Written by Antonio and Sandra Miambo, Mombasa Base

Greetings in Jesus! We wish you a blessed and a prosperous New Year. We are deeply thankful and humbled by the Lord’s grace in our lives. This week has been amazing! We had a team of 40 visitors come to visit our Church. The day was so special! The joy of being together to worship the Lord despite our diff…

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26 December 2017

Stargazing in Savannah

Written by Regina Jones, Savannah Base

From our base to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We leave the year in wander of Jesus. We are reminded that God can most assuredly be seen, even as we stop for the one. Here is a little overflow from our hearts as we continue to Gaze on His beauty. STARGAZING WANDERERS Oh hail…

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23 December 2017

Family Update December 2017

Written by Abilene Base

THE TESTIMONY OF GOD’S FAITHFULNESS 2017 On behalf of Iris Abilene Camp Barkeley, we thank God that you share in our vision and for partnering with us this year to see people restored, equipped and mobilized here in West Texas and around the world. God has been continually at work at Camp Barkeley! Over the pas…

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30 November 2017

Family Update November 2017

Written by Lauren , Abilene Base

Family Update November 2017 Happy November everyone! This month we have been taking time to reflect on the goodness and faithfulness of God throughout this last year. As Thanksgiving day approaches, we are recognizing that there are many things to be thankful for. Friends. Family. Jobs. Ministry. Food on the Ta…

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29 November 2017

Spilled out and gathered unto himself

Written by Susan Salles, Savannah Base

EVER BEEN SPILLED RIGHT OUT? 2 Samuel 14:14 After all, even though we all die, and we’re all like water being spilled on the ground that cannot be recovered, nevertheless God doesn’t take away life, but carries out his plans so as not to cast away permanently from him those who are presently estranged&…

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22 November 2017

We have returned to Kenya!

Written by Antonio and Sandra Miambo, Mombasa Base

Dear friends, Greetings in Jesus name! We Pray you are doing well. We are thankful for His grace each day and for the privilege He gives us to come back to Kenya and serve in the Kingdom after being away for almost 2 Months to renew our documentation in Mozambique. We are now settled back in Kenya. This week ha…

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