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White River Base

Three Miracle Healings of HIV!

29 May 2014–Last week I received the most amazing gift on my birthday. I was told that the newest princess to join us at Michael’s Children’s Village (MCV) (lets call her “Princess P”) tested HIV NEGATIVE!!! Gloriously, this is the third time God has wondrously healed HIV at MCV. So today I wanted to take a little walk back in time and reflect on each precious miracle. We begin with “Baby J”. The day he was born at a local gove…

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25 June 2018

love looks like a pair of shoes

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace, Mahajanga, Madagascar Base

At our village feeding program in Mahajanga, Madagascar this little girl called ‘Amen’ came up to me and whispered in my ear ‘I have no shoes’, so I took a piece of paper and measured Amen’s feet. The week after at our village feeding program I went up to Amen and whispered into her e…

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13 June 2018

Walking in faith

Written by Sia Tongu, Conakry: Village of Hope Base

Greetings my friends, Thank you so much for your love and prayers. We really appreciate them and as we are facing a serious challenge right now we ask that you continue to pray for this ministry and the children that God has put in our care. In the last year, social welfare has placed another 13 children in our …

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6 June 2018

welcome home

Written by Rachel Jane Wallace, Mahajanga, Madagascar Base

This month we welcomed three brothers into our Iris home in Mahajanga, Madagascar. We are so delighted to have the privelege of showering them in the Fathers love and watching them transform and blossom over the coming months. We always give all the new children their own beautiful illustrated Malagasy bible on …

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28 May 2018

School of Kingdom Advancement 1

Written by Eric Weaver, Central Mozambique Base

We are excited to announce the completion of our second Kingdom Advancement School in April! The main focus of Iris Central Mozambique is discipleship and evangelism. Many avenues are used to accomplish this work. We believe that one of the products of discipleship and evangelism is that new churches are plante…

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28 May 2018

A reworking of understanding and salvation

Written by Mandy Pulliam, Central Mozambique Base

We talk about discipleship quite a lot, saying it’s our main goal and vision here. But practically, what does that look like? Discipleship is generally slow, unexciting to read about, and the fruit doesn’t tend to pop out at you like, say, a healing miracle, or a new roof for a widow. It is purely unquantif…

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10 May 2018

Compassion In The Midst of Suffering

Written by Carolyn Figlioli, South Sudan Base

I have just arrived back in Uganda this week and am so happy to be home. I was only supposed to be in America for seven weeks when suddenly I found myself with a dislocated with multiple fractures ankle that required extensive surgery. This delayed my trip back to Africa. All through my time of being alone day …

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26 April 2018

Able and Willing

Written by Tawnya Weaver, Central Mozambique Base

“God is urgently telling us to make a visit to South Africa and see Pastor Makananisa” our worship leader in Dondo, Joao, and Fatima, his wife, tell me in November. “We don’t have funds for the trip, but we have faith he will provide. We believe God is going to heal Fatima and the baby.” God provided …

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11 April 2018

Family Update March 2018

Written by Lauren , Abilene Base

Family Update March 2018 TESTIMONIES This month we have experienced the love and goodness of God in so many ways! As some of you know, we were getting ready to plan for our next training school taking place this summer 2018 in Texas at Camp Barkeley. God had other plans. Throughout the last couple of months, some …

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