• Expenses vary with each visitor. Some visitors opt to eat the food provided at the base. Some buy groceries. Some eat at restaurants. Some base locations don't have stores or restaurants within a short walking distance and others do. Some people want to buy souvenirs and others don't. With all of these variables, it is hard to predict what you might spend. At the very thrifty end of the spending spectrum, a visitor might by able to get by on $5.00 per day (averaged).
  • You may eat meals each day with the children (bread or corn meal for breakfast, rice with a sauce or topping for lunch and dinner) or you may provide your own food. Our kitchen is at your disposal, but our supply of plates and other dinnerware is limited. Teams should plan to provide their own.
  • At some of the more rural bases, a weekly visit to a western style grocery store can often be arranged. Please contact the specific base you'll be visiting for more information.
  • If you are arriving jet-lagged after prolonged travel, or with a large team, you may find it helpful to come prepared with a basic shopping list.


  • We recommend that you bring U.S. dollars and a credit card. American dollars are accepted many places and are easy to exchange for Mozambican meticais. South African rand are also readily accepted.
  • Travelers' checks and cashiers checks are expensive to exchange and are accepted only by certain banks. We don't recommend them!
  • Visa and occasionally Mastercard are becoming more widely accepted and may be used with a PIN number to get cash advances in local currency.
  • There is a currency exchange counter at the airport in Maputo, which offers a good exchange rate for currency conversions.
  • There are ATMs at the airport in Johannesburg where you can withdraw rands (which can be spent here or exchanged for meticais).
  • Please note: Iris Global is a faith ministry, entirely dependent upon the generosity and responsiveness of the Lord's people to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. While there is no direct charge for your accommodation with us or our ministry to you, we ask that you remain sensitive to the many expenses related to your visit, including costs related to correspondence, accommodation, transportation and more.


  • Many of our visitors are very generous, both financially and through gifts and supplies they donate to Iris. We require that all donations of supplies be given directly to the hospitality team for distribution. All cash donations are to be given directly to the hospitality team or to Steve Lazar, director of the Zimpeto Children's Center, to ensure that they are expended in keeping with the ministry's current priorities and needs.
  • If you wish to designate a particular area of Iris to benefit from your contribution, we will seek to honor your intention as much as possible.