Requesting a visit

  • Send us an email telling us a little about yourself, your desire to visit Iris Global, and the approximate dates of your intended stay.
  • If you desire to visit the following locations, contact the base directly by clicking on the link below:
    Maputo/Zimpeto, Maputo Province
    Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province
    Dondo, Sofala Province
  • If you want to visit any other base or multiple bases in one trip, then contact More detailed information about individual bases are located in our ministry locations section.
  • Once we receive your email, we will return your email with a list of any information we need you to send, including a pastoral reference, your personal testimony and your vision/goals/hopes for a visit to Iris Global (i.e., what you anticipate doing while here, what gifts or service you have to offer, and what you hope to receive from God while here).
  • A reference from your pastor should be sent directly to us. This reference needn't be lengthy, but should include his or her reflections on your Christian walk, a description of any significant involvements you have in your church, and brief assessment of your suitability for a short-term missions experience in a setting such as we have here at Iris. Have your pastor visit the main Iris web site at, if he or she isn't familiar with us.

Visiting multiple bases

  • Please be aware that Maputo/Zimpeto, Beira/Dondo and Pemba are hundreds of miles apart and can only be reached safely by air for visitors. Pemba is approximately 1000 miles north of Maputo/Zimpeto. It is a four to five day trip by vehicle over very difficult roads and no bus service is available.
  • The additional airline cost from Johannesburg (JNB) to Pemba and from Maputo (MPM) to Pemba is approximately $450-$900.

Last-minute changes

  • Note the contact numbers below and email addresses above and be sure to notify us, if you make any last-minute changes to your arrival plans.
  • Land line from the U.S. or Canada: 011-258-1-471-542
  • Land line from within Mozambique: (01) 471-542
  • Hospitality extension: #181
  • Steve Lazar: 082-474-2720