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Iris Global School (RS2)

Purpose of Trainings & Mission

Serve in the midst of crisis/why Mozambique?

On March 14th, a category 3 cyclone named Idai ripped through central Mozambique affecting nearly three million people in three countries. The Iris Global base located in Dondo, just outside of Beira, was preserved through the passing of the eyewall of this storm, but many in the surrounding communities were affected. Strong winds and more than 2 feet of rain accumulated in rural communities and villages leaving many stranded in trees and floodwaters while their mud houses collapsed. This storm left thousands homeless, and in great need of hope, love, and practical hands on work & resources. Close to 1,000 individuals have lost their lives.

On March 28th, a category 4 cyclone named Kenneth, hit the far north of Mozambique, putting 700,000 people at risk. The center of this storm hit the coast about one hundred miles north of Pemba with 130 mph winds, home to another Iris Global base. Both wind and flood damage have brought intense suffering almost impossible to describe.

That means the two strongest storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, have struck Mozambique in the space of one month. We will be serving with our Iris Global family, bringing hope, love, and light to many families that were devastated from these storms.

Serve in the midst of crisis/why Guatemala?

In 2018, an active volcano named Volcan Fuego, erupted in south Guatemala barreling through communities with walls of fire, consuming everything in its path. This disaster left many in desperate need as their homes were engulfed in flames and ash, and family members were not able to evacuate.

This began our mission in Guatemala in partnership with Casa De Dios Church, and Israel’s rescue unit, Zaka Search and Rescue. We met at ground zero to rescue family members and bring water, food, shelter, and medical attention to those impacted.

Our desire is to train as many Guatemalans as possible to respond in disaster and be the comfort and hope of Jesus in crisis. Guatemala is currently at high risk of disaster through hurricanes, flooding, volcanic eruption, and earthquakes. This is a fear these communities live with every day. Our vision is to train and equip all of Guatemala to be a beacon of hope to the Americas, and the world.