Iris Relief Missions & Training

Iris Global School (RS2)


Deep Revelation of the Father's Heart

God is described in scripture as our Heavenly Father, but our experiences with earthly fathers can hinder the way we relate to God in this role. God wants to reveal the truth of who He is and His Father's Heart for us, his children.

Iris Core Values

Kingdom values clarify our mission and set our standards. This school will emphasize values derived from Scripture that lead us to find God, be humbled, go to the poor, depend on, suffer for and rejoice in Him.

Crisis and Disaster Mission Certification

Be equipped to minister in disaster and crisis situations as an Iris Relief Level Responder, a Disaster Spiritual Care Provider, a Community Emergency Response Team Basic Responder. (FEMA)

Leadership Growth and Development

Our goal is to discover the keys to becoming healthy leaders who lead healthy organizations in a healthy way. The kingdom of God is not moved forward by good conduct, but by good beliefs. (See Galatians 3:1-5.) The renewing of our minds today will bring transformation tomorrow, both in our lives and in our experiences. (See Romans 12:2.) The truth will make us free, but believing lies binds and restricts. (See John 8:32.) We know we believe truth because we have hope. (See Romans 15:13.) As you walk through, you will find that what you believe directly influences your experience of transformation, freedom, hope, and forward movement in the kingdom.

Kendall Life Languages Profile (KLLP)

The KLLP gives an understanding of your redemptive gifts. These gifts are articulated through a life language profile. This profile and course, strengthens individuals and organizations through the development of communication skills and character. This development allows students to experience greater personal and corporate effectiveness.

Walking in Your God-Given Gifts

You will be equipped with the practical tools needed to serve, and to be mobilized into the places God has prepared for you! A core piece of our mission is to develop sustainable leaders. God has equipped each of us with unique gifts, and our desire for you is to recognize your gifts and use them to bring Him glory.