School of Practical Leadership

Iris Global Schools (LS8)

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Location Pismo Beach, CA
Date TBD
Cost US $600

Note: To provide the very best, world-class investment and care, each school is limited to the first 25 accepted applicants.

Iris Central Coast
School Of Practical Leadership

God the Father is preparing leaders for His great end-time harvest and the return of His Son Jesus. Sons and daughters are going into all the earth, to the rich and to the poor, in every sphere of society, to bring His kingdom love and power through the simple Gospel. We discover His heart as we become Jesus to the culture around us. This army of laid-down lovers moves together in rhythm with His heart and with one another. Great leadership is key to what God is doing on the earth.

King David understood this principle. It says of David: “He shepherded Israel with a heart of integrity, and he led Israel with skillful hands” (Ps. 78:72). This combination of heart and skill, of passionate love and practical leadership, is needed now more than ever. At Iris Central Coast, we are committed to equip and empower willing sons and daughters to lay down their lives to go into His harvest, whether to our neighbors or to the nations, to see Jesus receive the reward of His suffering.

Getting ready is key. Many believers are stuck between called and commissioned. They know God has called them, but they haven’t yet received the practical tools and understanding to be able to experience God’s commissioning and sending. We are especially focused on helping prepare and send those who are called to His Western Bride in the U.S. and in the Western world. We need compassionate, courageous, caring leaders now more than ever to steward the new wine He is pouring out and to co-labor with Jesus as He builds His church and expands His kingdom.

The Journey

For those who join us on the beautiful Central Coast of California for this amazing immersion training experience, you can trust that Father God will heal your heart, give you understanding, impart gifts to you, and equip you with Divine tools and strategy so that you can confidently run into the darkness with His great love. As our hearts become whole and free by His powerful love, we discover genuine, authentic community among His people. We learn to in a new way how to ‘be’ and ‘do’ church as family, and we learn how to do what the Father is doing.

Both our 6-month and 12-month leadership schools involve a well-rounded, immersive experience that include God encounters, soaking in His glorious Presence, powerful teaching and training from experienced, successful leaders, Spirit-filled ministry, anointed outreaches, and creative entrepreneurial expressions, all in the context of loving, healthy family. Our local and international team will help center you in Iris Global core values as well as a deeply satisfying equipping experience in Biblical, supernatural, relational, and missional thinking and strategy.

Our schools are designed to develop leaders in all walks of life and from every mountain of culture. Whether you’re called to the business world, politics, the arts, sports, your university, your home community, the nations of the earth, or all of the above, the School Of Practical Leadership at Iris Central Coast will help you move from called to commissioned and will propel you into your purpose.

Each student receives a customized growth and development plan for your time with us. Students move to the Central Coast and live and work among us in the context of healthy family. Everyday is the name of the local church expression of this family, and you’re going to love it! Your growth will accelerate in this greenhouse called Iris Central Coast.


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