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Frequently Asked Questions

PRESENCE - Our core value at Iris is the presence of God, it is central to EVERYTHING we do and therefore each school day will start with worship and prayer as we invite God to be the center of all we do and create.

TRACKS - Students can only choose one track, either; Film, Acting, or Music. These tracks are taught by industry professionals and often include industry guest teachers for specific areas. At the end of the school there are presentations from each track of what they have worked on during the school and this is always a very moving and exciting experience for everyone. We are always astounded at the artistic growth and development that takes place in students throughout the intensive as they train with our incredible teachers.

FORMAT - The school will be made up of a combination of spiritual and artistic training. Each day there will be corporate worship and prayer, there will also be various inspirational guest speakers throughout the weeks in our main sessions. We will hear from both spiritual leaders and industry professionals to help equip artists for their journey in their field. Outside of these main sessions the school breaks into the the three tracks of Film, Acting, and Music for practical craft training and development.

CORE VALUES - Being an Iris school we hold all the core values of Iris Global which includes being fully dependant on Jesus (see Core Values on the Iris website)! We believe that as a follower and disciple of Jesus you are not just training for a “career” in your chosen field, but being equipped for a “calling” to the marketplace of the entertainment and/or music industry. We take the spiritual aspect of the school just as seriously as the artistic development, so students must posture themselves to be stretched both spiritually and artistically.

ILAFAM also has a central core value of FAMILY, which we understand is not something you can manufacture in 4 weeks however we intentionally pursue authentic, deep relationships and aim to foster a culture of honor and value for family, which we find continues to grow long after the school.

ILA - POST SCHOOL OPPORTUNITIES - Our ILAFAM intensives are part of our Iris Los Angeles base and therefore there are alot of opportunities to stay connected to the ILA community post the school. ILA has gatherings, groups and volunteer opportunities all year round that graduates are given access to participate in. Many students who attend our intensives from out of town have relocated to LA after ILAFAM to continue to pursue their callings here and are relieved to have a community already established to link up with. Some students have also found intern and job opportunities through connections made, however we do ask students to refrain from networking during the school to foster a safe environment for both our students and industry teachers and guests.